New Store -- please let me know how to improve

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I have started a new store due to the Stay at Home orders. We were a photo booth company, but with no events happening we had to pivot. I have started a photo services store which offers digitizing of print photos, photo editing, photo to video slideshows, vintage photo digitizing, and virtual vacation photos. 


Take a look around and tell me what I need to change. Do I need to hire a Shopify Expert? I know my theme is plain but we threw this together (we are using existing skills, but the store is new although I used to do Etsy so it's not totally out of my comfort zone) and I think plain keeps things simple for now. 


I am using uploadery for ppl to be able to send digital photos but they can't send folders only one photo per upload slot, so I have like 45 slots. I am not sure if they are mandatory when I put them on there but I haven't been able to reach Uploadery yet.


I put an email address in the description so ppl can just forward me files or links to dropbox or whatever. Does that seem ok or do you have a better suggestion? 


The store is



What do you think about pricing? I sincerely appreciate any and all help. I will gladly do the same for you. :) 

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Sorry, I forgot the link!

Shopify Staff
Shopify Staff
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Hi there,

Hyde here. Excellent work adapting so quickly and pivoting to meet these truly bizarre times. You've got the first difficult step out the way, now it's time perhaps to finesse what you've got!

So you'll be wanting to familiarise yourself with the basics like adding products, making collections, and then connecting those collections to the menu on your store so that customers can access them.

Here's a video on how to add a product and then place it in a collection:

You could make different collections for the different services you provide. So a collection for the different ways you digitize print photos, a collection for all the different types of photo editing you provide, and so on. Here is how you link your collections to your menu for your customers to see, and how you can create nested or drop-down menus:

However, more than the services you provide, you'll want to establish your brand and your story. To build a brand you should look at having:


- a strong, relevant name.
- a visual identity (logo, color scheme)
- a mission statement (what makes your brand different
- a target customer (who is your customer? What magazines do they read? What social media do they hang out on? Who influences their decisions? Are they high or low tech?)


There’s a great guide to creating customer personas here, and some great examples of visual identities here.

All this information will help you craft your brand's message which is going to be a big help when it comes time to create your about page. This is an essential page on any e-commerce store. It helps customers understand who you are, what you care about and why they should trust you.

Using your mission statement you can combine this with your visual identity to craft a page that appeals to your target customer. Here's what an About Us page should contain and here's how to create one!


Another place having a brand identity and target customer comes in useful is on your product page. You can offer a bullet point list of the reasons customers should buy your services, and maybe finish by encouraging them to share their purchase


**You're going to get a lot of compliments - do us a favor and make sure you tell them where you got it!**


You can get really creative with your product descriptions.

There are even some templates you could use to speed up the process.

Perfect for ___________________________ (ideal situation),
these _______________ (product name)
can be/will _______________ (tell a quick story).
(Product name) ______________
are ______________ (top features)
to _______________ (product benefits).
No more _____________________ (pain and/or challenge).

With your about page ready, your product titles and descriptions on point, you’ll have experience writing and also know your target audience so you could start looking at creating content e.g. blog posts for your audience. Writing blog content around your business, your niche and also your products such as

- guides to using your products
- products that work well together
- your journey in starting this business
- commentary on a major topic within your niche
- interview with an influencer within your niche

*Creating good content gives your customers a reason to keep coming back to your site for more*.

There’s a great guide to building a blog for your business here.

If you want to dive deeper into Meta and SEO, in general, there are two great guides here:

Charles Floate - Ecommerce SEO Guide.

Matthew Woodward - Ultimate Ecommerce SEO Guide.

And here are some businesses leveraging blogs successfully to promote their brand.

- Afends Magazine
- Clif Bars

*Afends offers some insight into the behind-the-scenes at the brand and also interviews with people who would interest its target customer.*

*Clif offers tips on nutrition and fitness which as a healthy snack is going to be relevant to its target customer.*

You can use your content to help build your social media perhaps by using:

- quotes from interviews on Twitter.
- graphics with product combos from your product guides on Pinterest.
- video interviews on Instagram or Youtube.
- having your interviewee share the interview on their social profiles

- Kit—Shopify App Store Digital Marketing Expert

To sum it up;

- Build a Brand Identity
- Use it to Build Content
- Promote that Content
- Use it to Attract New Customers and Re-Engage Existing ones.

I hope this all helps.

All the best, Hyde.

Hyde | Social Care @ Shopify 
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Wonderful day,


Overall, I think It's a great start. I would like to give you some feedback and hopefully, it works for you

1. You may want to rescale all the images so that all the images are on the same line.

2. Optimizing the description is good though. We all want to see the concise, full info but short sentences, easier to read. SEO tips may be the thing you want to search for.

3. I agree with some advices from Hyde. You may try them.


Wish you the best!


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Hi @SnaparazziPhoto 


To be completely honest, I think you need some work done and some things reconsidered in order to start selling.  When creating a site always think why a person should buy from you not from someone else. Once you have that figured out, move on from there :)


As for the price, it strongly depends on the country you are selling. As from what I know of in Europe and USA photo editing services are pretty expensive so your prices are fine for that areas, however for developing countries it might be too high. 


As for the site itself, I think it is lacking some information. Clearly, you have started a couple of days ago and that must be the reason. 

Here are some tips, that hopefully will help: 

-add About us, Contact us, ToS and Policies pages. Having only categories will not work out. You need to earn your customers trust before they write their credit card number on checkout. 

-add a better quality images. Since you are a company that does photo related things, people expect your site to be aesthetically pleasing as well. Right now it is plain, get inspired by other sites and personalize yours. It does not necessarily mean to spend a lot of money. You can hire a developer to do the hard coding part, the rest can be done by apps (there are a lot of free ones) and in the Shopify admin Theme section. 

-add functionality on your site. You can use apps for that. If you want to add Reviews, wishlist, Discounts and more just in one click check out Growave

 -once that is done you will have to invest in ads. Unfortunately, to start selling without ads just on Google indexation and word of mouth is challenging. 


 Hopefully, I managed to help you. If so, please let me know by liking this post. 

 Take care and stay healthy <3



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- Visual Reviews with automated emails
- Loyalty&Rewards
- Wishlist
- Instagram
- Social Sharing + more 

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Yes, this is what I need to know. We have worked for years on our photo booth presence and having to pivot like this is difficult. These are skills we have (my husband more so than I - photo editing, video creation but the web design is just done out of necessity. The problem is we have 0 income due to this virus and so paying for help is not in the cards right now). Would adding a theme save me from having to hire someone to code? 

I appreciate all the comments! Have a great day!

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Lots of great ideas. I would recommend starting small.


  • Focus on the products you think will generate the most interest and capture what you're able to do better than any of the other options they might consider. 
  • Simplify product titles. Red font and layout makes it hard to scan quickly. 
  • Include a quick snapshot on each product page explaining what you'll do. For example, Digital Photos to Video is pretty obvious, but there still might be an opportunity to talk about your process 1-2 sentences before the upload. What do I get? What's the format? What would be important to know? 
  • Borrow from your main site. Include an about page. Establish credibility. Even sharing the fact that you're pivoting. People get it. 
  • Assuming you will be reaching out to your existing customer base including your social media followers. 



Marketing Strategy @ Deep Varnish

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Where have you been all my life? 


Our "real" business is a photo booth and it's not local (more regional) and it's not a product business. It was so hard to find marketing info that worked. All the stuff you just told me is gold! 


I will use it to get our photo services business going and then I'll go revamp my social media and web presence for the photo booth! Wow! Thanks!