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Hello Shopify community!! My name is Robyn and I am going live with my store on Monday March 4th!! I am super excited and pretty happy with how it looks - but am very new to e-comm and would love your constructive criticism.

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Hiii Dear

Your collections are good and I want to appreciate on your work. I Went thorough your store and find few corrections.

  • Firstly I suggest to redesign the home page so as to maintain the Header section, Banner and Footer part orderly.
  • Your store title is simple and the main part that I didn't find any logo. As you Know  logo is face of store and gives professional look. So please design a nice logo and place it to the top left portion.
  • I didn't find related collection list. It is good that if you maintain the list of  Related products which may improve the cross sales.
  • Install a good background theme for more attractive look.
  • If I access to any particular product entire page is consuming for the image and its description. I suggest if you bring them aside then the rest of space is available for maintaining RELATED COLLECTIONS list.
  • I didn't find any Reviews on your products. It is good to make use of these reviews to improve your sales further. I suggest to install any Customer Review app 
  • It is good that you have provided contact address which may helpful for the customers and will build trust on your store. 
  • You have mentioned terms ,Privacy policies etc which is good but also provide Terms and Conditions checkbox before the payment process. This is to avoid all the issues related to Refund/Return policies.

All the Best

Thank you