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New store open!check it out and spread the word!!


HI @MissSix,

I'm Richard- CRO expert at PageFly Page Builder. Here are some feedbacks after I spent the time to experience your store.


1. The header area is too big, especially the 2 spaces I marked on 2 sides

2. The menu bar should be placed in the center and also made sticky, which means when customers scroll down, they can still have control over your page and go to other parts if they want to (important)



3. Regarding the collections, you should place them in the order of how big it is. In my view, women's and men's collections are the most important.



4. Similarly, the footer is too big and lacks information. You need to add the Shipping and Return policy of your store here.

5. Apart from this page, I had a look at the Homepage, and see that it doesn't have some sections such as About us, Testimonials, and some call-to-action button, which may be why customers will leave your store right away.

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