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Besides buying a url, what are some critiques concerning layout, pricing etc... I'm using Oblero for dropshipping as I am pairing this store with our traveling RV lifestyle to be able to make money on the road.



Couple things you could work on. 


Product descriptions are to long. Should be straight to the point. 


Also you're going traveling. I'm sure you could write blogs about interesting stories you have. Build that connection with your visitors. 


I'll like the slideshow images you used also. I'll also private message you some things that might help. 


Keep up the good work. 



Clayton Bates 

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Hey there, @JDBAILEY57 


Bo here from Shopify Support! 


The first thing that I looked at here were your product titles descriptions. A lot of merchants adjust the description slightly from Oberlo and then post it to their page, I can't be certain but it does look like this was the case with your store. The issue with this is that the titles from Oberlo are often very long winded and actually rather incoherent. The reason for this is that they are trying to cram as many keywords into their titles so their products are easy to find, however, for a customer-facing store this does not look good. It doesn't look very professional and those who are familiar with Oberlo/AliExpress will recognize the format. So while you have done a great job in curating the products, you do need to do some more work to market them better on your site.


With online stores, there are no sales representatives and so the products literally need to speak for themselves. Instead of listing your products' specs in your current format you should try writing descriptions that persuade the customer to buy the item. Why do they need this watch? How will it make their life better? I recommend taking a look at Oberlo's guide on writing a product description that sells here. This will also help you improve your SEO which will bring more traffic to your store organically.


Genuine, positive reviews will encourage customers to look at you as someone they can trust, someone who cares about their customers, and someone who is willing to go the extra mile for an exceptional customer experience. Seeking out online reviews has become such a standard part of the buying process for people these days that every online retailer needs to be thinking about them. If you are dropshipping from AliExpress you should check out Ali Product Reviews, this app pulls in reviews for your products straight from AliExpress. 


I would recommend adding a section to your product pages that recommends related products to your customers. This can help to boost sales, as it allows you to show your customers what kinds of similar products are available, increasing the likelihood that they'll find what they're looking for. You can recommend related products either by installing an app, or by performing a theme code customization. If you are comfortable making HTML changes yourself you can do so by following this guide. 


Your store does not have a favicon at the moment. A favicon is a small square image or logo that appears on the browser tabs, as well as on browser pages that list web addresses, such as the bookmarks page. It helps strengthen your brand and to add a polished look to your website. Here's how you can add a favicon to your store.


You should get yourself a custom domain such as or something similar. This is the first step to building your brand. You can read up on all things domains here. 


I would recommend creating a contact form. You can read how to do that here.  Making your contact information easily accessible is super important in building trust with your customer which is super important if you want to have a high conversion rate on your store. It is also important to link your store's policies on shipping, refunds, privacy, and terms of service to your store. A guide on doing so can be found here. 


All the Best,


Bo | Social Care @ Shopify 
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