New Theme - Plak - Feedback Request

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Hi Gang, I've just switched from Ecom Turbo to the Plak theme. 

Would love some feedback, the good, the bad and the ugly!


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Hi @HomeOnTheSwan

Your site design looks very good, the site speed is awesome

My Remarks :
The header & subheader in your slider is a bit small, you can think of making it a bit more bigger
The text about your business must come before showcasing your products (my own idea)
Your site footer, it is better to make a dark background, because the text is barely readable
On product page, try to mention your shipping & return policy (better to make something like tabs to showcase them)

But overall all, your site looks very good
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@HomeOnTheSwan  I recently switched to Plak theme as well and it was the best decision i have done. Before switching to Plak, i was having too much trouble with loading time speed since many themes out there are extremely slow, Plak in this area is the best, it is really the fastest theme out there- This really increased my conversion rate since it really improved our customer experience. Another thing it really helped in was SEO, Plak is excellent for SEO. In short, after trying too many themes, i was only satisfied using Plak. Plus, their customer support answers you promptly and in very short time. Don't think twice, Plak is highly recommended. 

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I have never used Ecom Turbo to make a difference but your store looks pretty nice ! I also recently switched to Plak when i was looking for a fast theme. Their customer support is very helpful and they answer very quickly.

Best luck !