New live view doesn’t work

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What was Shopify thinking!! They obviously were NOT! The new live view is terrible. I only have a small store UK customers only and I can’t see where anyone is visiting from. I do social media campaigns based on county’s and now I can’t see if the are working or not. We need to be able to choose what view we want. I hate that they changed it with no notice to us there customers! I will keep writing to Shopify to complain grrrr not happy!!! 

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I left 4 feedback and 2 times chat with them. Nothing change. Live View is not working I don’t know if they don’t see that the lifestream is not working. And I don’t like the new look of the new page the world map is rounded .  you cannot see all the country on the same page you have to roll the map in order to see the other side of the world

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Firstly have a major issue with them assuming that its ok to combine shipping rates when you have smaller and larger items...what were they thinking.


Now Live view is totally crap...looks like they're heading down the tech route with creating something without proper user testing from real customer feedback

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I agree, this was a terrible change...they need to give us back the old version that made sense!

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Also here in Austria it does not work... and Shopify wont change this... how strange... usually they are very customer-oriented and above all helpful... But here they seem to be holding on to something that only a few users find helpful.

We don't even see when someone has bought. So it doesn't work for us at all.



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I'm having the same issue.  It is intermittent and most of the time just plain doesn't work.

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I have to agree.  The new Live View is functionally worthless. Very little information and many times it does not show any location for who is online. Fix it or go back to the old one.

Yep, the Live View is an abomination. What were they thinking?  It never works, functionality is rubbish.