New outdoor gear store - need your opinion!

Hi Everyone! 


I recently migrated to Shopify from other platform and really excited to be here. I am new in the Shopify Community and   my apology, if I write  or act something (hopefully not) not exactly according community rules. 


I have just launched new European e-store for outdoor gear called and would like to get your feedback on it. 


Several things where I need your input: 

- Overall design, layout. Is it clear and easy enough understandable? 

- Product navigation, product categorization. Is it clear, acceptable? 

- Filtering options for specific product groups. Is it easy enough to find product according your needs? Any additional filtering options required? 

- Language mistakes. English is my second language, thanks for showing it, if you see any.


Appreciate your feedback!


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I just had look into your website. It's really great looking.
I suggest one thing user may not scroll down the page to view your banner images, See this image
And you can add/enable the open the items in new tab, Due to this visitors are stay more time on your website. And social media links under footer section, These are also enable the open that link in new tab.
And follow this image

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Hi Rob,


I like your store very much, it looks quite complete, there are few things i noticed.


- On product page you have mentioned the manufacturer link but if you click on it gives 404 error from this product - you may remove the manufacturer link unless it is compulsion, moreover it diverts the visitors from yours to manufacturer website.


- Kindly add  a favicon to personlize the browser tab -


- at product page unless you prefer it to have description on left, i would recommend such layout, user friendly 






- Plus this store has almost same background color like yours - if you add a product in cart, visit cart page you will notice they have it in much better style, simply putting border color


Screenshot 2019-02-08 at 7.31.43 PM.png



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There are a decent number of things that need fixed to make tour store trustworthy and optimized to bring in sales.

Your menu has way too many items on it. Not sure if it is like this on desktop but on mobile it is huge. I would find a way to make it smaller and more manageable.

Change your add to cart button to a different color. Red normally means error or stop so it isn’t the ideal color for the buttons you want people to push.

Add trust seals under your add to cart button.

Why does your site not have a footer? In your footer you should have all your policy pages, about us, contact info etc. You have none of that.

When an item is added to the cart you want the cart to open up. Don’t force customers to have to try and find the cart.

There are quite a few other things besides this but this will get you started. If you need further tweaks and tips you can hire someone on fiverr to give you help. One I recommend is

Hi Appfreaker,


thanks for comments, working on changes ;) 


I'm not sure I got this one

@appfreaker_com wrote:

I suggest one thing user may not scroll down the page to view your banner images, See this image

could you please elaborate more? 




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