New store. Great traffic. Zero sales in 2 months.

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very well developed site. Lots of traffic. No sales. Not even abandoned traffic. 1 week ago we dropped the prices to entice, no avail. Any ideas or thoughts on why this is? Just the economy or am I missing something gigantically obvious. 

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Hi @Casey_Samson

Just take a look at your store and maybe have some suggestions for you:

Firstly, just want to ask you some questions about your business:

- Do you try to check again your market? Did you target the right people?

- Do you have any analytics to track your customer behaviours on your site?

- Do you check your ads performance? 

I see your products, and they are great. So if you aren't selling well, the problem is in the market and your marketing plan.

Now I have some suggestions for you to improve your store:

- I think the message "Redefine yourself" is not suitable because nobody wants to you said they have to redefine. And also, add a CTA button. 


- I cannot click on any parts, it only show some information. I think when customers want to click on a specific part, they should be redirected to "All Collections" page. 


- I think this section is too big, and it occupies quite so much space. Maybe you can try to move them to the left and add content to the right. 


- Your customers won't know what those collections are, right? Those thumbnails don't describe enough.


- I think this section has no meaning for your store. So instead of this, you can have an Instagram gallery to show more product photos and Insta content. 


Check this app if you want to create want: Shoppable Instagram Gallery. I see it has a free plan and very user-friendly.

- Don't make all your texts are capital because it will make your customers feel hard to read the description like the example in the photo. 



Here is my view, and hope this helps!

Happy selling, 






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Hello Casey, 

Your store is very specific and it will take some time to establish your brand. It is good that you are getting a lot of traffic which is needed for awareness in early stages. But for sales you may want to develop your customer base and engage them in parallel. If you want to complement your online marketing efforts with mail-in marketing you may want to check out this post

Good luck


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Any other feedback? Still no sales.