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This is my new store. May I have your feedback please, thanks!
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Hello. It looks like you are mostly on the right track. There are some issues. The first thing I noticed is all of the links in your footer except contact me are all 404 error pages. They aren't displaying the actual pages that are supposed to be there. There is something that says x amount of people are viewing a product. None of those are displaying a number so it's just a purple square covering that. On page you have an offer code that says it expires back in February. This is the description on the yoga pants that doesn't list anything about how the sizes run:

Function 1: Women yoga pants
Function 2: Women yoga legging Fitness
Function 3: Yoga pants push up
Function 4: Yoga pants high waist
Function 5: Yoga leggings
Function 6: Sports leggings
Function 7: Solid yoga pants
Function 8: Yoga pants plus size
Function 9: Women running pants
Function 10: Yoga pants 2018

I found this to be quite odd from a customer perspective. The F&Q and About Us pages also are 404 errors on the header menu. 


I wasn’t quite sure what you’re selling, so the first thing I did was click on your About Us link, but it doesn’t work. As Chambrèy mentioned, a lot of the links on your site are not working. I would suggest fixing those ASAP, since your store is live.


You seem to be selling random products, so a potential customer would not know to go to your site if they need item X. You need to find your niche and focus on selling those products. Once you have decided on what products you want to offer, then you will be able to organize your catalog better.


Good job on your Contact Us page. It is well done. I also sent a test message and it went through fine.


Love your theme colors, by the way!

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Hello, @vervoon 
I seen your website. According to my experience at shopify.
Here is some thing i found your website is not good in are:-
Although your products are very good but the description you written for them are not to the point and not effective.
And this may be the main reason for not getting sales even after getting traffic.

So to solve this problem i suggests you to use "Descrii" app on shopify store.

Its an auto description generator app,the description generated by it is to the point, very effective and even high with SEO.

I am using their service and very much happy to use Descrii. So i recommend this to you.

Hope i helped you.