New store help!

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I’ve had my store live for a couple days now and have spent around $100 from buying a domain and a plan. I made an Instagram account and purchased around 900 followers in hopes of looking a little more professional. I spent $50 to promote a post and have gotten about 70 clicks as of right now. I’m really enjoying the process but I haven’t made any sales. If you could review my store and let me know if there’s anything I should do to attract some sales it would be greatly appreciated!

If you could check out my ad and give me feedback on that as well I’d appreciate it!
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Store is very much empty at this time, you need to add points of trust, which can help to improve the conversion. Like....


  • It is very much advisable to have beautiful about page which can have a story about you, your products, culture, sentiment etc. 
  • Testimonials, praise from recents customers.
  • Reviews, i understand this can take time but it does help with conversion.
  • Contact information, currently there is no way a customer can contact you, a contact form, email address, and phone number should be there.
  • A video of your, workshop, team can make a huge difference.
  • Instagram feed on store with happy customers wearing your jewellery.
  • Simple and precise return/replacement policy.
  • And any other exclusive point of trust you can think of.


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Thank you! Any advice for advertising?