New store selling limited run car prints

Good evening guys,


I've recently launched a website on Shopify selling premium automotive fine art prints on paper, canvas and aluminium composite, on limited runs.


So far I've spent £20 on Facebook Ads which has generated 6000 impressions, 40 clicks and 0 sales, but I appreciate this is a marathon not a sprint.


My target market is car enthusiasts who want something exclusive for their home, office, man cave or garage. There is no compromise on quality this is a high end product.


It's early days but just seeing if you have any initial thoughts/feedback.


Also been working hard at Instagram which seems to be driving a little traffic:


Thanks in advance,


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Hi - Website looks good to me and I doubt that is your problem.


1 - Facebook Ads take time to get working properly as you need to keep testing and refining your audience targeting and build up your retargeting lists

2 - I can't see a blog on your site. Definitely start blogging, you have a great niche to write about so lots you could do there. This will help you significantly with your natural search rankings, which will pay dividends in the long run

3 - Have you thought about getting on Amazon & Etsy? Yes Amazon take a fairly decent % commission but at the same time can provide really good sales volume, as can Etsy (I was reading about a website not dissimilar to yours the other day (he produced prints of old US patent designs) and he got half of his sales via Etsy and was doing nice numbers)

4 - I'd probably avoid eBay for that type of product

5 - Are there ways you can promote your products on some of the niche websites (PistonHeads etc)

6 - I notice you will post abroad. I would have thought the US would be an obvious target market for you but I can't see a currency converter on your site (maybe because I'm in UK). Shopify do a free one


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Thanks Jon,


Some brilliant advice there, greatly appreciated.


1 - Yes I will keep testing and refining different audiences with Facebook Ads

2 - I've made 1 post but it's just a Welcome to Limited100 post. Definitely tonnes of value and so many angles I can write about that will contribute to organic discoverability.

3 - Yes looking at Amazon and Etsy at the moment, sure they take a cut but it's comparable to cost of sale with for example FB Ads to Shopify store, just so time consuming populating products on Etsy, and synchronising how many items out of 100 are left across all sales channels, I guess that's where an order management system like Linnworks comes in.

4 - Yes eBay probably not the right space for such a premium bespoke product.

5 - Yes I guess PR, display ads and working with influencers could help - I'm investigating affiliate solutions.

6 - Yes we post globally via DPD and their international partners. I will give the currency converter app a try.


From 1 Wright to another,


Simon Wright

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Hi Simon,


You have a really great niche and as a petrolhead I'm extremely tempted to buy a print for myself! I had a couple of suggestions to add on to Jon's excellent advice -


  1. On first load the page was quite slow. I timed it and it took about 10 seconds for the page to fully render. I think your theme may need some work on that front. This can impact new visitors quite significantly especially with a bunch of people dropping off before the page even loads.
  2. This is a subjective thing, but i think in your catalog page the image previews ought to be bigger. The photos are really beautiful and you should be showing them off a bit.


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Hi Simon


Cool idea for the store... here are some things that jump out at me. It is great looking site. I would continue to test your ad copy and creative assets (images, GIFs, video) on Facebook to see what works.


Homepage Feedback

      1. Make sure all your product images are the same size and dimensions. This is going to help tie your site together

      2. I would clean up the design of your homepage as the text covers your product on the masthead

      3. If you are going to have a product on your homepage. Make it a Featured Product type section as it makes it look like something planned. This leggings needs a section title and why you picked this product to feature

Product Page  Feedback

      1. Add a section for customer reviews as you grow the business and start to get customers purchasing on a regular basis. This helps build social proof and makes it easier for people to trust your brand.


Your store just needs some tweaks to take it up a level. Hope you found this helpful, if so please click "like" below to let me know.

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Thanks chaicoffee, go for it, pretty please grab one before they sell out lol (not sold a single one yet haha).


Regarding site speed it seems fast at my end and have minimised image file sizes (without compromising quality too much).


Could it be to do with the theme itself which is a hugely popular Minimal Shopify theme?


On catalogue page such as metal wall art could perhaps try 3 per row to make images appear bigger?


One concern is I feel that every page should really sell the product and I don't feel that the collection pages build enough value without the visitor going back to the home page.


Many thanks,




Hi Duane,



Thanks for this extensive feedback really appreciate it.


I will try some new ad variations.


Regarding product dimensions, unfortunately some photos really do need to be portrait and the majority need to be landscape, it's how they were shot.


Sure, the home page could do with a tidy up. Actually did a product photoshoot today and changed the hero image to this. Any better do you think as it isn't blocking text as much?




In terms of cleaning up the home page I'll remove the 2nd occurrence of the latest news section as the same article appears in the footer.


Featured Products - I will reword to 'Art Selected by our Curators' and create a new product list for home page.


Customer Reviews - I will try and get reviews on Trustpilot as soon as I get some customers, then look at integrating and embedding it throughout the site.



Many thanks,




Simon, that masthead image is a lot better. I would even cut down on the text over the image. Less words and make each word more impactful. Good luck with the store. 

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Only issue with this new image is is the mobile version's text doesn't work; perhaps more custom coding needed or could move text down and make it white. Bit weird that Shopify doesn't let you edit the mobile view when Wix does:


WhatsApp Image 2020-05-24 at 08.23.42 (1).jpeg


Thanks I will bear you guys in mind.