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Hi everyone , I've just started my dropshippong store called Bargain Talk, I understand you start with 1-3 products which is what i have done and am using facebook ads, i would like feedback on how to get sales and any feedback on the site would also be appreciated. Thanks
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Hi there! Maggie, Shopify Expert here :) 


Feel free to post your URL on the forums or reserve your free website audit here:


Here are a few guides that might help:



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Hey Grace


A lot of times shoppers, myself included, like to browse different kinds of stores. We keep moving from one page to the other but never really end up buying.

For these of kind of shoppers, you need to give them a little push - something that shows them that they need to buy the products now. In any product catalog, you generally end up clicking on the ones that catch your attention first.You can relate to it like a real life store. The best sellers and the ones with discounts are placed right in front, right? Most shoppers end up trying those out first. 

To do this, you can - highlight few of your products with some kind of promotion like new arrivals or offers. Apps like ModeMagic help you to get more sales by creating urgency and giving some social proof. This helps convert them into buyers faster. 


I hope this helps. Also, do share your store's link please? I'd like to look through the website too and see if I can make any suggestions there. 


Till then, good luck and stay safe! :)





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