New to eCommerce - Critique My New Website, Please!

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We've been a brick and mortar business for 7 years and are just now entering into the world of eCom. We launched the new online shop two weeks ago. I'm not done adding products, but we do have a moderate selection at this point. No sales yet. Tips? Feedback? The website is 

We are on Facebook and Instagram shopping (approx 3k fans on FB and 2k followers in Insta). Boosting regularly - using stories and regular posts on IG shopping. 

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Hi Michael,

Nice site and congrats on the launch!

So on general feedback one small thing stands out for me (and there may be polarized views on this).

Menu order - I would probably have a different menu order across the top

  • Interior design
  • Shop
  • Blog
  • Contact (could be relocated to the footer?)

Some questions to help better understand how you and the team see the site developing:

  • Have you managed to get an analytics service in place to understand how much traffic you are currently getting on average, source, time on site and bounce rates?
  • Is the vision for the site to be a product or services destination?
  • Other than FB and Instagram, what other marketing strategies are you thinking to reach your target audience?

Given the price point of some of the products, I would assume that these are a 'considered' purchase, so additional feedback and product information and other customers feedback may assist shoppers in making a decision.

Hope that there might be some useful feedback/prompts above.

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Your store banner are not clearly appeared in home page, I mean you can reduce your header section or reduce the banner dimensions so that user may not scroll down the page to view your banner images and simultaneously CTA also get highlights.
Otherwise, Your store was looking great!!.
I suggest you can use Google AdWords, It helps for increasing of your sales. And you can regularly post your blogs, It helps for your store SEO.