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As many/some of you will have done what I have, and if not then I am finally unique in something, and that is rushing to put listing up there only to notice when done that the uniformity of the listing was not as I would like it. Prices. I asked Ify if I could edit or delete, then redo and post again in the latter case.

For editing, it said "use document editing software". That was it, the worst and most useless piece of info I ever had.

I got the delete bit easily enough, but if I can wrap around the editing side then it's easier and faster.

I am a designer and not a techie, so any advice, please, in plain English.




Hey @JacquesOne,

I'm not sure I'm understanding but it sounds like you are having problems with listing your products?

If so, watch this video and it should help:

If I've misunderstood, my apologies. Please follow up with further explanation on what problems you are experiencing and I'll do my best to help.

We hope our response was helpful, if it was, let us know by giving us a thumbs up!

Best of luck!

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Sorry, mail shot off.

I discovered where I was going wrong by reviewing everything I had done and
then doing it again..

Happy to say I have sussed it, but doubtless there will be more hurdles.

Appreciate your help.



Glad to hear you've sorted it out :).

Dropshipping with no sales? Learn how to find WINNING products!
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Yes, pleased about that

However, on now reviewing the finished results I can see that my earlier
lack of knowledge haunts the store.

Many of the products have the wrong description, which needs a lot of

Happy to do this, of course, with every mistake being an opportunity for an
education, and as I plan 2 more stores before the end of Jan. 21, this is
all good stuff.

The thing is done I need to note them, rip them out and do them all again,
or is there an editor I can use to do it. I am hoping the answer is the
latter, and if so, can you do a 1 to 5 ? idiot guide.

Thanks again

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