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Hello all .. good to be here. I am new to Shopify. I have set up my own business called Rug Love ... could any of the experts please review my site and provide feedback on any areas that could be improved . I sell rugs.

I have been building it for last 3 weeks and I’m now at the stage of uploading products .
I am struggling to find an easy way to do this ? I have 3600 rugs I need to upload .. many of the rugs are the same with a variant on colour and sizes, also there are 4 images per product . What is the easiest way to do it ? I’m considering hiring someone if anyone can point me in the right direction please ?

Also I am not happy with the main menu ... how can I simplify it into less options do it’s easier to find what you want ? I also don’t like the block look of the menu and want a sleeker more modern type of drop down menu ? Any tips ?
Also as rugs come in CM & Feet is there a code I can paste in to the product pages that will put a little switch that can toggle between sizes ?

I also would like to customise the icons to match my theme is this possible ? Any app suggestions to make my site better?
Any help much appreciated guys ..
Go easy on me I’m a newbie :)) thank you
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Hey Ruglove,

Greetings from the Oakleaf

I have gone through your website, I found your design very clean.


You can work on the spacing of the header if you want.


Some key things that are missing from your website are as below.
1.Deal of the day or Newsletter signup popup.
2. Live chat
3. You can highlight more categories by creating new sliders for your store.

I have also checked your store with the SEO aspects below is the URL to the report.


However, We can help you with all the Shopify and other e-commerce related things please visit us as Oakleaf

Thank you,

Team, Oakleaf Infoway

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My Old Website Had 8,000 Products And This Is How I Did It 


Hi @Oakleafinfoway 


The thought of doing 3,600 listings would be daunting challenge to achieve. Well that's how I felt back in 2014. This is how I got around it because you will burn out if you don't have a good plan in place. 


Every day my goal was to list 10 products

If you're feeling motivated to do more on the day then do more but always try to do a set amount each day. Don't set this goal amount to high because days you will not feel like doing a high number of products some days. 


In one month you will of listed at least 300 products. Lets say you got motivated few days and got that number up to 500-1000. In 6 months you will probably have listed most of your products. 


If you look at it like crap I have 3600 products to list it will be to hard. If you look at the other way and tell yourself I only have 10 products today to do its going to make it so much easier and you will be able to do good product descriptions. 


Product Descriptions 

What I did was built out a template that I copied into each description then would change a couple of words to match the product etc. It's good to do this so you don't forget to add key points about your products also. 


1,000 Page #1 Search Results On Google 

With that many products if you really put some thought into the descriptions few months from now you will most likely be ranking really well on google and drive stacks of people to your website. My old website ranked page #1 on google for over 1,000 searches. The top 4 keywords in my niche 3 of them I was page #1 result #1 for those words. The other one I was position #2. This drove massive amount of traffic to my store. 


Your Website 

Great start looks good. Keep up the good work. 



Clayton Bates 

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You can create a filter on category page covering shape color pattern etc of the product.

On Menu you can cover Home, Collection, New, Deal/Rooms/Departments, Blog and Contact us or you can sort it by living room, bedroom etc.

Uploading product manually take a a fair bit of time. We can help you in managing this. Also its possible to customize the icons to match the theme. 



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