Newbie needs some feed back.

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I've been open for a little over 3 weeks and has had over 430 visitors to my store but no sales. Help please

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Clothing is a tough niche and takes lots of marketing and promotions. Study your traffic to project viability.

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It can take months to rank in Google, and that's assuming you've been doing things properly. You have to be patient.

One suggestion I would make is to change the labels on your photo-links to each page on your Home Page; they don't seem highlighted enough to read well.

You may also want to consider starting a blog, and marketing on Instagram to drive traffic.

Good luck!

Maurice Fawcett | Principal - Fawcett Communications
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Hey nice photos! I personally would just suggest removing the notification pop up & replacing with an email list located in "Customize Theme" page. Also, don't want to hurt your feelings or anything but in the top pop up header make the Worldwide Shipping more bold & italic such as 



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I have a strong belief that a store experience or story experience is needed in an online store in order to be succesful. I think you have the right idea on your branding, but i dont see the story that goes along with the brand. I understand and can relate to the message you give off, but you need to make it professional so that somoene feel comfortable to buy.


Also go to, use that to place the wording on your pictures and have it more legible and looking good rather then just a certain color that you can barley see on the image.


besides that i think you have done an excellent job! keep going with it.



Harris District is a comfortable living lifestyle brand based out of Florida. 

We began in 2018 with the price conscious customer in mind. Well to be honest(big no no) I wanted to look just as good and comfortable as the ones around me, I just couldn't afford their brands. So the search was on. I found so many high quality products for affordable prices that I had to share with everyone. Our products are from all over the world.