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Hi Peggi,

My 2 cents: First, you need more traffic.

Second you need to do a better job presenting your products. Unless paraben and sulfate are widely known to cause problems in hair products and you are the only one selling products that don't contain these substances then you need to find and communicate some more points of differentition, especially against the established and better known brands. As a site visitor who came to your site with some expectations (would need to see your add copy or what comes up in search engine) I have a couple of questions. Why would I buy these products and how are they different from other similar products? What are the benefits? What will they do for me? Who makes them? Are they safe to put on my hair? What is in them? What other people say? Try to answer them and you need to do it fast and succint on the first page or you need to design some store funnels that guide people toward decission. Think of everything that happens in your shop and try to do same or equivalent online. Education, trust, perhaps trying them out and opinions of other customers, etc.then comes the sale. Best framework to reason is to imagine that you are the buyer. How would you make a decission to buy if this was somebody's else product?

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Hello Pegi,

Congratulations on your e-commerce store.

Getting your first sales is always difficult with every e-commerce business, don't loose hope!

Here is a free online course for getting your first sales on Shopify, perhaps it can be of some help.

Check it out! It's completely free, let us know what you think. You can contact us any time if you need further assistance.

Best of luck and happy selling!

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Hey there, 

congratulations on launching and good luck going forward!

A few suggestions:

  1. I would expand the product images to not simply be pictures of the products, perhaps include pictures of people with hairstyles created using your products, people purchase not based on the description, but in anticipation of how the product will improve their lives. Show them what could be possible with your products.
  2. If you already have folks using your products ask them to post pictures of their hair after using your products to instagram/facebook with x% discount for future purchase as a reward.You can then embed these posts onto your site for more value validation to your site visitors.
  3. Reach out to the folks that made the few purchases and ask try to find out more about them, who they are how they found your site, so you can learn who your online market is. Of course you might already know that ;)
  4. And you need to grow your traffic, the suggestions above are rather good in this regard.

I hope this helps you a bit.



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I took a look at your website. It looks nice overall! ? 

First thing I noticed is that one of your font styles is really hard to read. 

Second, a header is one of the most important parts of a website. I'm not sure if the image you are using is nice enough.

Biuld your brand and trust. It takes time to get sales. I see a lot of people closing their store because they give up easily. With continuous work you'll succed. 

Best of luck to you! ?


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Hi Pegi, 

One thing that would give your site a more professional look would be better product photos. Lighting on your current photos isn't very good. We covered some natural lighting tips for product photography you can use for your next photo shoot.

In the meantime, your product photos would look great if the were retouched in a photo editing software like Photoshop. An app like Pixc's Retail Ready Photos would be the easiest way to outsource your product photo editing if you needed help.

Hope that helps!

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