Niche product not getting many visitors, love feedback

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Hi guys,

My shop contains very niche Collectible Teddy Bears, made in NZ    I've had a Shopify store for a few years but had not had great conversions and have been relying on emailing past customers to get them to visit, view new bears and order. I'd love some advice on how to improve the site and encourage new visitors to engage with us. I have a lot of contact names from visitors to the site but few wanting contact when I try to email them.  Thanks very much for your time. Cheers. 

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Hi there,


First thing I noticed, that you've got a pop-up appearing too soon, give it some delay. Also, the notifier box at the right bottom corner of your screen is also appearing right after I closed the pop-up. 


It will be more productive for the Wishlist icon to be located at the top of your site, next to account information. Furthermore, heart icon and "Favorites" both lead to the pop-up, I believe keeping only one is enough since the Wishlist tab is not really a wishlist tab.


Try to get your Instagram more engaged, right now it is empty. Will be cool if your buyers post your products and feature them on your store because you don't have reviews.


Moreover. prices for Teddy bear is a little ouch! Therefore, for your email campaigns, perhaps you would love to include some actions to complete on your site in order to provide them with some incentives in return


Hope it was informative

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I had looked at your store.
Your website Home page and Why Kiwi Curio? Both pages are same, Then what is the difference between home page and about page? Have you Observed it?
A Home page is a webpage that fills in as the beginning stage of site. Page format arranging encourages you make sense of what substance to put on your page, where to put it and which substance ought to go first. Building a wonderful Home page isn't simply arbitrarily putting any data you can consider onto the page.
You can add your product reviews at product view page of your products. And Your contact us page also same as home page there are no changes? A contact page is a standard site page on a site used to enable the guest to contact the site owners or individuals who are in charge of the upkeep of the site.
And I suggest you can add your product reviews under the product page. As reviews for customers to share their positive experience thus different customers can see the reviews and be influenced to purchase.


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You can offer your products to other dropship mart too.

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I would like to search a product on your website. But SIgn up for news! button is overlapping the search field on your website. Make sure any content doesn't get conflict with others.


I suggest to maintain equal dimensions for all the products images on your website. It adds beauty to your site and also looks professional.


I suggest to wipe the About Us section from the homepage as already you are maintaining a About Us page on the website. Instead you may show off your another category of products. Maintain more products on the website so that visitors engage with the site and becomes a customer.


Always open social profiles in a new tab so that customers can stay on your website exploring instead of going to your social profile page and coming back to your website.


Add a Blog page on your website. As your collection is about Teddy you can add many blogs. This helps in your seo and Business. You can refer this link on How to start


Add Favicon on your website. Its a small logo which is placed at browser tabs and also helps to identify your website or brand easily when customer Bookmarks your page. Refer


Good Luck,

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hello @kiwicurio19 


Trust you are doing good. You are selling excellent hand made Soft Collectible made in NZ. Wish you success!


After going through your website below is my feedback:


>> the domain say " Kiwi Curio " but no where near the logo RR "Kiwi Curio " is mentioned may be you can place " Kiwi Curio " below your RR logo

>> on home page the content start with about us then latest products then again the about section comes below latest

change this to if possible as belwo

    >> A slider for top sold products upto 3 images with link to the product page

    >> latest products

    >> collections


>> When i go on product details page example

It says 'Spectacles or no spectacles - you choose! " BUT as a user i do not have option to choose "Spectacles OR No Spectacles"

>> also on product details page mention - are these washables soft toys and allergic free ?

     will people get 4 soft toys for the price of $45.00  ? please clarify as it is no clear on the page


>> create page for "why us" and place some content as " award winning products and why your soft collectibles are better"

>>  show the promo code on top of all the pages utilize promo section in shopify there is an option

>> create a shipping page  / delivery / returns page

>> contact page - mention - contact information 


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