No Luck With Visitors!

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Hello, I have had my family's store open for almost two weeks now. We have had over 800 sessions, (647 from the USA) of those, most were 'direct' 'social',  'social' likely our facebook ads.  

I understand it takes time to get sales but I am wondering if something is wrong with our ads or if there is something wrong with our site? Maybe our audience is wrong?

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This is an accepted solution.

Here are a few thoughts for you to consider. You didn't mention how you segmented your potential customers when you ran your Facebook Ads so I don't know if you are marketing to the right folks or not. Who do you believe your potential customers are?

Now on to some specific store/website feedback. I don't understand the header graphic. It is off-putting to me which is my nice way of saying it feels kind of creepy. Perhaps a photo of the making of Wholesome Soaps or someone using Wholesome Soaps. Since your About You page tells me a little bit about why you make soap, tell me that story on your home page. Why does Wholesome Soap exist? Why should I care? You talk about rich creamy lather but your only images are bars of soap. They are pretty colors but that is all that the photo conveys to the potential customer. Can you tell a specific customer stories? Do your product descriptions tell a story that can engage my imagination for my other senses? Check out the PF Candle website for ideas on product images and simple descriptions that engage the imagination - here is their description for their Sweet Grapefruit candle - "Ice cold lemonade. Dinner on the patio with your favorite people. Grapefruit, yuzu, and lemon." 

Hope this helps. I am sure Wholesome Soaps are awesome.

-Steve Wilson