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I’ve been trying for months to continuously improve my Shopify store and I’m having difficulties getting 1 sale. My experience with outdoor festivals, were overwhelming with great people I’ve met over the last year, and nothing but positive feedback and sales out the door every weekend. Not sure what gives, but I do pay Facebook, Pinterest and sometimes google and Etsy, to enhance website awareness. What am I missing? I refuse to believe it’s price. Thanks
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I just looked at your store, and I must say I loved the products! They look cool as hell, and I don't think the price is the problem either. I do have a few suggestions tho.


1. Include product benefits on the front page. You have the product name, image, short description, CTA, everything already. But you don't have its benefits listed. People need to know what they could gain from buying them. Keep this short and concise, don't write more than 90 characters for each of the benefits. Maybe write like 3 benefits or so.


2. There's a long way between traffic and sales, and there could be many problems in between. But the main problem is probably shipping time & fee. If the order takes too long to deliver or the shipping fee is too high, people might abandon their cart. Also, with a product like this, in-hand examination is probably better than delivery

=> use Store Pickup (basically allows customers to pick up their items in store instead of delivery). You could do this by using an app on Shopify App Store or use the included SHopify option (it sucks tho). If you are not sure, read this checklist to know for sure if you need it.


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Hey @Portdr 


Welcome to Shopify!


First off, I love your story - I can see it is something you’re really passionate about. And it’s a great cause :) 


I believe it is this very story and passion which is probably shining through in the face to face sales, and isn’t coming through the website. Here are my observations:

  1. As soon as I land on the website - I can see a lot of different things asking for my attention. Air plants, Air plant terrariums, beach themed tea light holders. But what is a terrarium? What is hand blown glass over Gamal wood?
  2.  I think in the first fold of the website - you should focus on either one product. Or the theme of the story of your company. Eg. “Hand blown glass accessories. Ecologically sourced, made with good vibes.” This is a rough example - but you get the idea of focusing the user’s attention on a singular point in the first fold. If you overwhelm the user with too much alien info, they are most likely to drop out.
  3. The stuff you’ve written in “Our Mission”, and “Our Story” is really great. I think you should use that stuff more in your messaging. In essence, you’re selling your mission along with your product. It should be more visible on the website. Especially on the homepage.
  4. You need to guide users to the right products. Here’s what I mean: When visitors come browsing in your store, they usually look for clues for which product they should buy. Think about when you shop online on amazon. How do you select a specific product?
    You look at reviews, what other people are saying. So adding reviews to products would be a good option. 
  5. Again, since it is a product people need to be educated about, You can’t expect them to understand all this, then make a choice immediately. You need to guide them to the right product. Let’s say someone asks “ I want to start off with Air plants? What should I buy?” To which you would say “this is our bestseller for newbies.” You do this on your website using product labels (stickers on top of product images). Apps like Modemagic can help apply labels to your product images for free. Not only just for “bestseller”, but you can also apply labels like “selling out” or “sale” to increase the #Fomo in users. The feeling that they’re missing out is a strong drive for people to buy.
  6. Add some information about shipping. Shipping pages are some of the most read pages on a website. How much time, shipping charges, etc. all of these details should be provided to the users.
  7. Lastly, testimonials are another way of proving the authenticity and quality of your products. Get some testimonials from your current customers and add them!

I hope this advice helps out. Hoping for more sales in your store!



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Just a quick observation: in the three first seconds I visit a site, I want to know what it is, and also persuaded to want to know more. Your website does not provide that for me. Granted, I may not be your perfect customer since I do not look for that type of product. At any rate, I looked at your Instagram and there, for contrast, I was able to learn what your business is all about, hand blown glass/terrariums/tealight holders. My slight suggestion would be that you find a way to communicate your business/product in a fraction of a second through strong visuals and copy (such as the one you have as a descriptor on your IG account).