No Traffic, No sales I'm about to loose my mind. Any Help is welcome.

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Hello people,


So I launched my store like 6 months ago. Updated its visual and made it look clean and nice. Got the McAfee Aproval and so on. I still get no traffic and no sales what so ever. I tried Google Adds, Facebook Adds. Have my business instagram account, Facebook account and page. I'm about to loose my mind. Tried making sales, discounts, even giving away 5 pound vouchers just to get people into my store but still nothing. Mostly I get even while running google adds is like 15-20 people a day. Made 1 sale so far and that was like 4 months ago. Spent all my time and all money on the store trying to make it work, but nothing. I am really about to give up. Have no clue what I'm doing wrong. My website is:


Any help, tips or any information would be very helpful. As at the moment I don't work and dedicated all my time to this store. About to loose my head and everything else. Thank You For Any Information.


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Your store looks great, and I can see a lot of hard work put in. 

The best approach for you would be to narrow down your niche - and sell either only watches, or only cosmetics. Otherwise you don't build your authority in either of those niches, and people need reassurance you specialize in a certain niche in order to buy.

Let's say, if you were to sell only watches, people would feel confident in your knowledge in the market, what's trending now, the latest technology etc. If you sell pet accessories in the same store, people lose this confidence which may affect sales.

Narrowing down your niche will also be beneficial for your marketing efforts - you will target only one customer base, and send more focused ads, which are better for conversion. If you target different niches, by default your ads are general, and therefore less appealing.

You have few typos around your website, so make sure to proofread your content as well. 

Hope it helps!

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