No sales but 24 checkout reached and 34 add to carts

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shop is at


So my stats are as follows for the past 2 days 


Store Sessions


Added to cart

22 sessions

Reached checkout

 26 sessions

Sessions converted

0 sessions



I have been advertising through Instagram influencers and people seem to be responding well. 


People seem to be adding to cart and going to checkout but no one is buying what am i doing wrong? 

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  • Mandatory Email or Phone number could be a big turn off
  • Discount codes are often a major issue because your visitor sees the option, google for dicsount codes, can´t find any and then either gets frustrated an quits or simply forgets to order
  • You offer free shipping worldwide - show that directly in the beginning (additional costs are the biggest turn off in checkout, if the delivery is free that´s one less issue)
  • Put a green colored progress bar in the top of your page - makes the buyer subconsciously want to finish the process
  • If possible make each field filled out change its color to green to give positive visual feedback - makes the buyer subconsciously want to finish the process
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The easiest and fastest way to overcome your problem is by making your store more engaging and interactive. Have you tried sending abandoned cart push notifications and Emails to your customers yet?  You shoud try which not only engages customers by using Abandoned Push and Emails but also rewards loyalty points for the fulfillment of abandoned cart purchases. 

AiTrillion will skyrocket your abandon cart recoveries and ofcourse sales.

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