No sales/conversions please HELP!

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Hello everyone!


I've been working on this store and have no traffic. I’m currently using google ads to get some traffic but there’s no conversions.  Can anyone please have a look at my ad landing page and tell me what I could improve on?  Even small changes or big changes will help thanks!



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Hi Ron,


When I visited your store, I could spot some immediate issues right away. Here goes:

  • Your store is called "Lust Dynasty" but you sell epilation devices. I don't think those two things correlate much and it could give site visitors the wrong idea.
  • Your products are kind of expensive. I have an epilator and it was like $70 from Panasonic. The cheapest one you seem to have is $97 from an unknown brand. That won't be a big selling point (pardon the bad pun) for anyone.
  • The browsing experience on your website is very laggy. This may be caused by too many images.
  • Additionally, your website is a little hard to navigate. I'm not a fan of "click-to-open" menus, personally.
  • Your blog could potentially be a great asset, but it's falling a little flat now. You might also benefit from some additional copywriting to check for grammatical errors.
  • I would do without the "Collaboration" page. You could just say, for "business inquires, contact"

Overall, your website needs to be redesigned for a more intuitive browsing experience. If you want to sell epilators, then market the heck out of them so that there is some sort of draw as opposed to choosing an epilator from a more established brand.


Hope this helps!

PR/Marketing Specialist @ ShipMonk
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It certainly helped a lot!  I will revise what you’ve mentioned and Hopefully get some sales! 


Thank you you so much once again!