No sales, first website, have gotten some traffic, please give feedback!

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We've been running for almost a month and would love some feedback on why we haven't gotten any sales possibly and what we can do differently to get sales!

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I'd be happy to provide feedback! Here goes:

  • I think your idea of using gifs in the homepage is pretty cool but make sure to double check if you are OK as far as copyright goes. You might've already checked this but it doesn't hurt to bring it up.
  • Your homepage is cute but a little scattered. You have too many sections for something that's relatively straightforward. I'd keep the gif thing, do a short (but cute) intro to your product, and then go into the product categories. I would also change the font so that it's more noticeable and unique. That review at the end is totally useless. You have two sections to subscribe to the newsletter. Stick to one and put it towards the bottom of the homepage.
  • Your footer menu links are cut off by one of the banners.
  • Use icons instead of links for your social media accounts. It'll look a lot cuter. Also change the font.
  • Change your policies so that they're more readable.
  • You need to sell the 15-45 days better, especially the part where you say to contact you if 45 days have gone by. No one wants to do that, especially when you can get a cute phone case on a website like Etsy that might take a little longer but at least it would be handmade.
  • Change "FAQs" to "Contact" if it's just going to be a contact form.
  • Your "About" page is messy as well. Talk more about yourself and less about your product. You might also benefit from a copywriter.
  • I'd move your Instagram feed to the homepage.
  • The hover/side menu is not great. I'd stick to a stationary menu at the top. Much easier to browse.
  • Your phone cases are cute but I would try to make them a little more cohesive. Your niche is something like girly, slightly campy phone cases, but not all products match that which gives a sort of disorganized feel.
  • I'd include more ways to narrow down product selection. I don't see anything overtly related to finding the right size for your phone cases which is the #1 question for anyone looking to shop for a phone case. I'd make this filtering option front-and-center.
  • I'd skip on offering accessories for now.
  • Your spacing is off throughout your website.
  • I'd include better product descriptions for your product pages. It also goes without saying, but the images aren't consistent which lessens your credibility.
  • I am not a fan of imported reviews, especially when they aren't in English. It's just kind of weird to see and doesn't align with what you see on most "normal" websites.
  • I'd make your design a little "glossier." I love anything pink and sparkly, and I think you could play that up more.


Best of luck!

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Congratulation for your store. I have gone through your store and hope the following suggestion will help you.


1. Optimize your store loading speed for mobile and desktop

2. Need to go for more attractive design

3. Optimize your all product landing pages

4. Optimize your store for SEO

5. Footer links need to be in better format

6. Go for proper navigation


There are lots of other areas you need to improve


Need help? Please contact us here:


Thanks & Regards

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Thanks & Regards
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