No sales :( please help

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Hey, i have redesigned my website again and took better product pictures. I had ads up on instagram and facebook but i still have no sales? PLEASE HELP!


Thank you! :) 

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Pay attention to the below tips to improve your sales rate:

1) Instead of static announcement bar, you can have announcement bar slider at the top to showcase all the promotions.
2) Header could be made sticky to make the menu visible while scrolling.
3) I can see there is a single banner as of now. You can have image carousel instead to showcase different collections.
4) Save amount/Percentage could be added to the Products to showcase how much customer has saved.
5) Instead of dropdown, you can have swatches on the product page for variants.
6) faq page missing
7) contact us page handle not proper
8) Instead of dropdown, you can have swatches on the product page for variants.
9) Tabs can be added on the product page for description, reviews etc.
10) Trust badges can be added to increase the website's credibility.
11) Checkbox for terms and conditions on the Cart page is the great idea to be.


Feel Free to Reach out.

if you want any customization in store


hey @franuschki I was looking at the home page, and things were ok till i scrolled to the "What you;ll love and what's included" section. 

Oh no. 

That part looks so rundown and does not do justice to the beautiful pictures and products you have are selling!

Please change that section :(


Also, adding some kind of urgency will also help a customer make the decision to buy instantly.

For example - "Trending Now" or "Hot" sticker on the product. Use some simple app for this, adding powerful psychological triggers help!


Take care and stay safe, keep me posted if it works




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