No sales yet. Please help me with your feedback!

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Still can make it to my first sale. Please leave your feedback on my store. Thanks


I have just visited your website and here are some feedbacks to make it better:

1. Homepage

- Use the image slider to show your unique selling points and why people should buy your products.



- Make the blog image have the same size and each blog column has the same dimension. It is a good way to make your website pretty and professional.pp.png

- Add the Testimonial section to build the trust of customers. When your website visitors see that others love your products, they are more willing to make their purchases. 

2. Improve your page speed
Your page loading speed is quite low on both mobile and desktop devices. You can check it via Google PageSpeed Insights and find some improvement suggestions. You can also read this guide to know how you can optimize your page speed on the mobile view. In fact, your website visitors can quickly leave your website without making any purchases if they have to wait too long for your page loading.uu.png

3. Improve your Gadgets page

- Reduce the height of the header to have more space to show the page

I hope that this above feedbacks are helpful for you! :)

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