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I'm facing an pushback with my store. I get 600 sessions per day but no sales. What could be an issue? I dirive my ads directly to product page so problem might be there? In my eyes I don't see anything cathastropically wrong but someone's else vision maybe can help me.
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First of all, I am sorry for the frustration. There’s nothing like seeing traffic but no sales. Your website does look great, so you need to be proud of that!


Overall, when you’re seeing traffic but no sales, you have to ask:

  1. Are my ads effective and targeting the right audience? Or
  2. Is it my website? 


Visitor behavior through tools like heatmaps (to see where people click) and recordings (to watch what happened during someone’s visit) come into play here. You can filter the data for specific ad campaigns, and you can understand what your visitors are doing. 

When you don’t know what’s wrong, start with visitor behavior. It’s always a good way to get insights to pain points and bottlenecks we don’t see. 


That being said, let’s dive into your website. 


Your homepage: I like the hero image, but I’m not sure it is doing enough to sell your products. Because it’s so big and slightly blurry, it was hard to see an infant’s hand around an adult thumb. Test out different hero images to see if there’s a more effective image to use.

Don’t forget a CTA. Even though you have three products, a CTA is necessary. 


I would increase your logo size - it’s quite small and hard to read. I also wouldn’t just go right into the products. Session recordings and heatmaps will show you what visitors are doing. Maybe it’s better to feature the “collections” instead under the hero images - one for Nail Trimmer and one for travel backpack. 


One easy but important thing to fix: Your Instagram link goes to instead of your account. 


Your FAQs: Link the email address you’ve included on the page. Also, I was confused by the answer to “Is shipping really free?” Your answer is, “Yes, shipping is Free Worldwide on most items.”


But wait - what items don’t ship free? Be upfront about it. I’m guessing it’s your replacement nail trimmer set, but I’m not 100% sure. Clarify it or just make it all free shipping. If shipping isn’t free on it, you need to explain how much those shipping costs will be. Customers don’t like surprises! 


Product pages: Your diaper bag page in particular has spacing issues for features. It looks like you have duplicate review sections stacked at the bottom of the pages.

Also, revise the similar products you feature for cross-selling. Because you only have three products, if I’m looking at the replacement nail trimmer set, I probably don’t need the nail trimmer system because i already have it. Check heatmaps to see if people are even clicking on your similar products or skipping it. 


Really, it all comes down to visitor behavior. It’s going to make the difference in seeing what’s happening and what’s stopping visitors from becoming customers. Lucky Orange has heatmaps, session recordings, live chat and more with a free trial (no credit card needed) and plans that start at US $10/month.


Good luck! I think you’re on the cusp of seeing sales just pour in. :-)

Cheers -


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