No sales!

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Hello, I have using shopify  community for a bit now to get help for my family's store.

We have gotten lots of good advice on what to add to our store to gain more trust from potential customers.

We have been open for about a week now and haven't had a single sale, we have been driving traffic but haven't even had any add to carts. 

Would you please check our store to see if there is something about it that would make you not want to buy?

If there isn't anything wrong with it, then is it just a matter of time tilll we get a sale?

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I'm guessing you drive traffic to your product page (like

My problem with the description is that it's too vague. When writing the desc, ask yourself:

"If I am the ideal customer, why should I buy from me rather than any of my competitors?"

Trying to help :)