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Hello everybody,

Here is my web site url :

I run three different types of ads : Google Ads (I tried Smart campaign and then Search campaign), Facebook Ads (notoriety and then conversion goal) and Pinterest Ads. I improve them when I see they don’t end up in any sell.

My landing page for Facebook Ads :

My landing page for Google Ads :

I have visitors, about 70/80 a day. A bounce rate about 65/70% and not even an “add to cart”. I don’t understand why. If you guys could help me, it would be wonderful. Thank you very much !
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Hi - first off, ads take time to optimise and get working. It will take time to work out how to cost effectively target your audience. You also have quite a difficult niche to target.


In terms of your site itself, it's not bad but looks quite 'dropshippy' which tends to put people off (people are switched on these days, they see these types of signals and think - cheap Chinese product, will take forever to arrive, I won't be able to return it easily, I'll check and find it cheaper on AliExpress) e.g.


- You need to work on the English on the site, the grammar is quite bad e.g. your hero copy says 'We are specialized in old Japanese art' that should be 'We specialize in old Japanese art' your Shipping wording says 'Our transporter ensures a safe shipping worldwide' that should read 'Our transporter ensures safe shipping worldwide' (and transporter is a bit of an odd term to use, maybe better to use courier)

- Get rid of the '3 people are viewing this page' pop up bottom left

- Think about some sort of collections filter to make it easier for me to narrow down what I want e.g. filter to just show landscapes or folk tales etc.

- Take a look at the pop up that offers me 20% off. Again that's very dropshippy and I also couldn't close the thing so I then couldn't interact with your site

- Tell me more about postage, what are approx delivery times & costs (or at least tell me costs will be calculated at checkout)


Brand proposition/message

Your site doesn't really do anything to let me know why I should be buying from you, there is no 'you'.


- If this is true; 'Your artwork is printed and framed in one of our workshops located in the United States and in France.' then really milk that as it's a great positive

- Again if this is true; 'Art historians, we use our knowledge to curate the best of old Japanese art' (ignoring the grammar issues with it) then that is also a massive thing you should be pushing

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Hello there!


There is a lot of room for design changes and photo manipulation.So that the website look more tempting ,neat and professional.

You can try very hard to learn yourself or there are paid services for such.

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Hi @IlianR 


You have some great art pieces. I am in love with Japanese culture and would totally love having one of the posters in my office. I recommend taking advantage of the rich Japanese culture and creating that vibe on the store. Your niche allows you to play around with various styles, use dynamic and bold images, use animations. 


The thing with your product is that it has a small market which makes it harder to reach. You need people who are looking for decor pieces and within that the ones who like the style you offer. As a solution I recommend two things: 


1) You can start a referral program on your site. That way if a person likes your product, he/she can suggest it to some of the friends and get discounts for that. The trick is that we tend to trust things that were referred to us by someone we know in person. So chances are one customer will at least bring another one along:) 

You can use Growave for that. We have 10 great features -Reviews, Wishlist, Rewards, Social Login, Instagram, Discounts etc. There is a free plan available also, we are offering an extended trial on the COVID-19 period. 


2) You can partner up with a company that sells a complimentary item. So they are not your competitors but you have the same target audience. You two can feature one another's products on the site or even make a partnered giveaway. 

I have recently read  case study of how one company on Shopify (I think) run a short term campaign and increased sales and the customer base drastically. 

Please let me know if you are interested, I will try to find that article. 



 Hopefully, I managed to help you. If so, please let me know by liking this post. 

 Take care and stay healthy <3




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Hey IlianR!

That’s really frustrating when you have some traffic but no one converts. Like JonWright said, it takes time to get those ads optimized and target your audience in a cost-efficient way.

For your website, are you using any optimization tools like heatmaps (to see where people are clicking) or session recordings (to watch what happened during someone’s visit)? Both tools would be very beneficial in answering your question, “Why aren’t people adding it to the cart?”

For your Facebook Ads landing page, for example, I suggest the following:

  • Use heatmaps to see what people are clicking or not clicking. Are they scrolling through the page, or are they not doing much?
  • Segment your heatmaps to compare your traffic from Facebook Ads versus different traffic sources. How do they compare? 
  • Use session recordings to watch people use your landing page. Are they reading? Do they hover over certain words? 
  • For both heatmaps and session recordings, filter recording by your campaigns AND device type. You may see that there’s a device-specific problem you need to address. 


I also see opportunities to communicate with customers better. For example, what is Giclée printing quality? How does 10.3 mil in paper thickness compare? Is the paper weight too light for this price?

Explain it or remove it. I know you say it’s museum-quality posts on a thick, durable matte paper, but is that enough detail? Maybe an FAQ page that is linked from those specs may be useful.  

I would add a live chat option that engages people on this page with something like, “Can I answer any of your questions about Cherry blossom 2?” You can set it up as an auto invite. If you’re available to chat, customers who meet certain criteria (i.e., spent 20 seconds on this page), will be automatically invited to chat with you. 


While you have a contact form, they have to wait for a response. Live chat lets customers get answers to the questions while they are still on your site. That can mean the difference between a sale or a lost sale. 

Other suggestions:

  • Add a poll question like “Is there anything stopping you from checking out today?” to see if people can tell you their experience. 
  • Test if changing the name to something more unique than “Cherry blossom 2” produces more interest - right now, it’s very generic.
  • Add in shipping cost information and reiterate that there’s free shipping over $49 with code ARTSIAN. If it’s that important, it needs to stand out. The black banner doesn’t.  
  • Let people read reviews! I can see there are reviews, but I couldn’t click on them. 


For your Google Ads landing page, I would make it clear that one is framed and one is just the print. I know you added the frame to the image, but it doesn’t necessarily stand out. Add a filter to let people see just the prints in their price range, preferred colors, framed or print, etc.


Also, make sure the product pages are consistent. The Cherry blossom 2 product page had the specs below the description, but the Dutch, American, English product page had it above the description. 


Overall, your site is on the way to being awesome. I found a few things that won’t necessarily make the sale but need to be fixed:

  • Add a favicon
  • Make sure your social links open in a new tab
  • Double-check all mentions of your email address are linked (i.e., Refund Policy)
  • Remove the phone number from your contact form - even if it’s optional, it may scare people away from responding


In the end, using visitor behavior to help see what’s going on as customers use your site is going to make a world of difference. Lucky Orange has heatmaps, recordings, polls, chat and more with a free trial (no credit card needed) and plans that start at US $10/month.


I hope this helps! I can’t wait to see how your website and business grow.


Cheers - 


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