Not getting Sales, but decent traffic

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I am getting decent amount of traffic mostly organic. But even when I create paid ads I an not getting sales. What am I doing wrong? I am losing money. This is my store link:-

Are you the next Amazon ??? 


Hi @Cliffpatric 


Are you trying to test multiple products to find a winner ? 


At the moment your website looks all over the place. So many different types of products. Even Amazon started out as just a online book store. Specializing in books only. I think you need to niche down and maybe only focus on 20-24 products. Quality over quantity. Laser focus over scrambles focus. 


Either way you have done pretty good job. Some of your product descriptions are awesome. keep up the good work. 


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Dear Cliffpatric.


Hope following advice will help you


1. Optimize store loading speed 

2. Start with 5-6 product at Google Shopping with $5/day

3. Run your ads for 30 days and then check performance

4. You need optimize you product landing page to improve landing page score

5. Go Affinity Custom Audience and Do remarketing


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