Not getting many sales!?

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Hi all,

ive received 9 sales so far but over 600 views in traffic. 

what am I doing wrong to not get more conversion? 

please could you check out my store and leave a review in the comments?



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Hey @Curaclothing,

First, a big congratulations on making 9 sales so far!

You are doing a lot of things right, you've created a following around the topic of mental health and have a community now that is proud to support and wear your merch. I'd definitely recommend continuing to serve your audience and grow that community and sales in turn will come.

One thing I would recommend is start sharing quotes related to mental health (I see you have one already on your Facebook page). Whichever ones are shared/liked the most, consider adding the quote to a piece of your merchandise.

I'd also recommend adding a condensed version of your mission to your homepage. That area is prime real estate, it's your visitors first impression. Make it in a way that if someone who knew nothing about Cura landed on your page, that they would know right away that you are a mental health advocate and that 10% of your profits will go to the charity MIND.


My last piece of advice has to do with your traffic vs sales. We hear from a lot of store owners A LOT that they get a lot of traffic but little to no conversions. We’ve created a video walking you through how to do your SEO properly so that you can target your intended audience:

We hope our response was helpful, if it was, let us know by giving us a thumbs up!

Best of luck!

PS: If you need some graphics for your store for Black Friday, we just released a free pack. They look like this:


They come in 4 different colors and have percentage variations ranging from 20%-80% off. You can download them for free when you sign up for our email list.


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Hello @Curaclothing, I hope you are doing good! here is the feedback:

- Add Product recommendations on the homepage, product pages as well as cart pages.

- You should add a banner image.

You should add a loyalty reward program to your store. You can give loyalty points to your customers on activities like signing up, leaving a review, allowing for push notification, visiting a store, follow/ share on social media. This will help you to entice customers and will increase the number of push subscribers, email subscribers. This will also help you in collecting the review. You can send an in-email review form to your customers. This can be sent automatically.

Integration of loyalty reward program with web push notification, review, email marketing, and with full automation results in wonders for the eCommerce stores. It will help you in increasing conversions and sales on your store and retain the customers for the long term. 

- Add web push notifications on your store and it will help you in reaching your customers and visitors directly.

- Add announcement bars or timers to promote your offers on the store.


Hope this helps!

If you would like to implement the above features/ customer engagement or marketing tools in your store. I would recommend you to install the all in one Shopify app AiTrillion. You can check it out. I am sure you will find it useful.

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Hello @Curaclothing 

Congratulations on your Shopify Store!

Views / likes not converting into sales is a nightmare for almost every Shopify owner. Don't worry too much about that. There are a few very easy steps you can take, to increase that sales number in no time. You can read more about it right here: You have great faith in your online shop, but why aren’t visitors converting? 

Your store looks really organized, but here are some minor tweaks you could look into:

My first observation is that the pictures could be a little larger, so as to attract attention of the customers. You have already set your niche, and it's a wonderful mission you are on. But to communicate your messages to the people, product images can be a huge driver. Try to make your images larger so that what's written on the products can be read easily.

Secondly, I think you would benefit greatly from a catalog tab, where all your product headings are easily seen at one glance. Since I am having to click on accessories to find that you sell iPhone cases as well, it increases the search time for users and makes it not very user friendly. Your goal is to make the user's search time as low as possible. 

Finally, consider adding some caption, especially on your clothing lines, because people want to know what kind of material or fabric and other details before they make the decision to buy. 

If you are looking for an ideal image processing partner, on whom you can dump the tension of what looks good and what will sell, you can look at our Shopify app. I'm sure you will find it helpful: Apps by CutOutWiz on the Shopify App Store

Hope you find what you are looking for. For any questions, don't hesitate to knock!

Happy Selling!


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