Not making sales and feedback on my store?

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Hi my name is Dennis onwer of thestripesinme. I would like help with getting sales and feedback on my store. thank u I'am getting tons of traffic but no sales. Thank You

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Hello there, welp your store's clean and all but there are some issues

The most important one, the lack of urgency, you should have a limited time marketing offer with a countdown for people to buy in your store instead of going to their apparel store in town. They must have a reason to buy in your store and not a store close to their home and you're not giving them one.
If you want to succeed by selling products that are findable everywhere then you must have a marketing offer or be famous. Here's that.

Your store also don't have any customer reviews to make the customer feel that it is a store they can trust, but I see you're doing Print on Demand so it's complicated... if you're selling products from aliexpress you could imports the reviews and product pictures from their website. For your store, you could also add secure payments logo on your product pages to make the customer feel more safe.

There are a few typos in the home page and it's unforgiving. Customers won't buy when they see that 

You have a headgear collection that has no products, you shoudl remove it completely, it's unprofessional

And last one, when customers enter their email, they don't receive anything (and you promised a 10% discount) so they'll feel betrayed. You should set up your newsletter.

Hope that helped, good luck to you.


Hi Mate 

Loving the main image you used.


Have you tried having a featured product on your home page ? 


Also do you have any head gear products or image ? I was thinking if you don't maybe take that of the collection list until you have some. Its not the best look when you scroll down. 


Social Media: Your twitter and Instagram both link to the main page of them both not your page. Do you have a account with both of them ? 


Have you had over 1,605 sessions ? "A typical store has 1,605 sessions before they reach 10 orders" as per Shopify advice. 


Do you have images of the full face of the people wearing your gear ? Feel like people relate better to full face. 


Your FAQ isn't filled out. You could google some FAQ and answer them as per your business. 


Do you have a great story to share why you started your business ? 


Hope this might help and just remember always do what you feel is the best for your site :) 



Clayton from down under 

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Hi @TheStripesInMe,


Lots of great suggestions above. I'd also like to recommend LimeSpot Personalizer App for driving sales. We use AI to recommend different products based on user's profiles and browsing history. Our recommendation box conversion rates are 3 to 5 times higher than standard navigation and we are the #1 App for increasing basket size in Shopify platform. We offer 14 days free trial and do not charge anything until we actually drive sales for you. Let me know if you're interested? I can help you with the installation and setup.



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