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Hello! Will you please look at my store at and give me some advice on how I can attract customers? Also just an overall view on my store? I am a teacher by day and this is my first time working in the area of entrepreneurship. Any advice will be welcomed and appreciated. Thank you!

Hi @Simply4you,


I'm Victor and happy to share some thoughts on your site:


1. HOME: First, about the Homepage, the hero section should show what you're selling in the Heading, then the subheading to express your style or story.



Also your menu navigation should be sticky so your visitors can reach it or go back to Home anytime.


2. Product list: When I click to SHOP NOW, to your product list, there are quite many products but there's no filter, so I suggest to add Product filter there. It helps your visitor easily find what they're looking for




Load More button is recommended to replace the Pagination for better customer experience44.png.


3. Product page: You should use in-scale images or product with a real model wearing your product, have a zoom in, magnifier for product images. Displaying product images in a slider is better than line them up like now


Shipping and return policy should be included in Product page to increase credibility and assurance for customers.


Also customize your product page with more content such as Video, Images, Testimonial, etc. If your theme doesn't have that, you can consider using page builder if you're not comfortable with coding.


Use product images with the same size so your product list layout can be aligned well. The below section is messed up because of each product image has different size.




 If you want to know more about store personalization, please check out this article


I hope you find this helpful,


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Thank you so much for your feedback. There is a lot of what you said that I am not familiar with but will do my research and work on improving the things you've mentioned. Thank you again and have a great day!