One more time...

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Hi guys, 


please review my store one more time. Please look al the colors used and how the pages are structured. I want to know if I did a good job with that. Thanks!



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Hi Oliver,


I'd love to help! In terms of colors, they go very nicely together! Those shades of purple and green definitely complement each other. The formatting overall is not bad, but there are some things you could work on to make your website more cohesive and enticing to prospective customers. Here's what I think:

  • There is something slightly 2009 about your page. As in, a little outdated. Some cleaner, more streamlined design will help fix that.
  • "check out within 57 min 34 sec and use code extra5 to get another 5% OFF" I don't like this because it puts pressure on the customer which is necessary for such a small discount. Use that space to advertise free shipping.
  • There are two shopping cart icons on the left-hand side. Remove the floating one.
  • I'd remove the "Account" link on the left-hand side as well.
  • The chat window is way too big. It should be as minimalist as possible as to not disrupt the shopping experience.
  • There's a purple button being hidden by the white banner that says "MAXIMIZE YOUR WARDROBE WITH DERRINS™." I would remove both.
  • The "New Collection" banner is not bad but I don't know what the collection is because it's just a woman's eye. Also, I would align "New" and "Collection" so that "Collection" didn't extend so far right. To help customers understand the collection, you could make this a slideshow and maybe add more images from this new collection.
  • It's unclear to the customer why there are two banners for "Shop Derrins" and "Shop Jewelry." If Derrins is the brand name, wouldn't jewelry be included?
  • I would remove "Who Are We?," "What Are We Looking For?," and "What Do We Stand For?." All of that could be succinctly summarized in a separate about page.
  • "Same Day Shipping," "Amazing 24/7 Service," and "We Pay Shipping" could be removed.
  • I'd put the copyright to the left-hand side and the credit card icons to the right-hand side, because they're touching right now.
  • I'm not a huge fan of the icons you have, like the ones on your FAQ page. Less is more.
  • Do you need "Find Us" on the footer menu if you have a contact page?
  • Not all of your images are consistent. I like the transparent background the best.
  • The prices are kind of weird. I think flat or round prices are much nicer to look at and they also help make things more streamlined. Also, it seems like everything you have is on sale? That might come across as a little desperate to customers.
  • There's a space between makeup bag, shoulder bag, and fanny pack.
  • The product page is cluttered. You don't need to repeat that you have free shipping, 24/7 service, etc. on all areas of your website. It feels a little redundant and doesn't add to the shopping experience. Remember, your approach is to help the customer, not overwhelm them. I like that you separated the information in tabs, though. I haven't seen that before. However, consider being more brief in your descriptions. For example, I'm getting ring sizes on a product page for a bag. You could add a link or customize it so only relevant information shows up on each page. You don't need to include your logo or the credit card icons, again. The info page has more pictures of the product when they could just be added to the side of the main image. Same goes for shipping and returns. It's just too much information.
  • Are all of the reviews authentic? Also, I'd lengthen "Customer Reviews" so that it aligned with the small images on the left. Use the white space to your advantage. Same goes for the item recommendations.
  • It could be me, but your page is loading a little clunky for me. 

Hope this helps! Let me know if you have any questions.

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Based on my last review of your store, this looks a lot better and the changes have helped elevate your store. There are still some tweaks I would make, which is ok as the design of a store is never done and you should look for ways to always improve it in the long run.


Homepage Feedback

  1. Remove the information about shipping and 24/7 service as this can go on your shipping page. I would use this space to show customer reviews and help build social proof

Product Page Feedback

  1. Remove the image of shipping/ secure checkout/money back and guaranteed safe this takes up spaces. Plus all this information is right below this image in your shipping and refund tabs. There is no reason to have this twice on your product pages

  2. A few pages I saw had the credit card payment logos, I would remove this as you have that information already in your footer

  3. Make sure the main product images for each product has the same theme / style as some have a white vs grey background. This is going to help tie your site together when everything has the same white background. You can see this difference with the bags collection page.


Your store can use a few more tweaks to help get rid of duplicate information. You don't want to forget to update one of these sections when you update the other as your store grows over time.  Hope you found this helpful, if so please click "like" below to let me know.

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Hi OliverD,


  • I love your store's color scheme. It's edgy and modern which speaks about your brand really well. It makes a strong impression.


  • Generally with products like this i recommend an instagram integration. Get a feed on your home page.


  • Some of your products we see the different color options on the images but we can not select this option for give an order.

Hope you found this helpful, if so please click "like" below to let me know.


If you need more detailed feedback, you can use our free analyzer tool. To use tool please click here.


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Actually this image make it full width is very nice.


Capture1 copy.jpg


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Colors are great, 


If it will be possible to remove the blue "CHAT!" icon it will look much presentable I believe.


Consider giving bold titles for the terms of service page. 


Also, you might find it useful to run some campaigns with discounts I guess in order to increase the engagement on your store and your social media.


I noticed that on the mobile view, the currency bar is overlapping the cart icon 



Hope it helps :)

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Thank you! I don't know where to post the currency option... on the desktop it looks much better. My whole site to be honest, I don't like that you are not able to make a desktop and a separate lay-out for mobile. 

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Thanks! I had ik full with already, but then the 'discover it' button will be overlapped, I

@Robert_Chen wrote:

Actually this image make it full width is very nice.


Capture1 copy.jpg


know how to solve that. 

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Thanks! I added an Instagram Feed on the home page, let me know what you think! I will grab a look at the color options...