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So, I  have opened my store for a week. But I still dont have sales. I have only 4-10 views/day . I use google ads, but still nothing. Also i added my account on instagram and pinterest. What do I wrong? I really need to know if it is real to have a many of visitors and get a lot of sales? Maybe I need to change marcket place. Bacause on atsy I had around 200 sales in months

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Hey Hannah,


I found your shop on my own and took a quick look. Now I don´t know what your ads look like, maybe they are good maybe they are bad, there´s no way for me to tell.


I just assume that your ads are good and just focus on your shop.


The main problem I see in the beginning are that there is no headline in the main picture and you´re using a slider.


That´s bad because generally speaking a single picture with a headline converts much better than a slider (especially when you´re visitors are using their phones).


So choose one picture - You should always pick a picture which shows your target group in the situation your product is used for, so in your case I´d suggest:


  • Look at what product you have sold the most so far (bowties for men, children, marriages, ...)
  • Then pick a picture of your typical customer wearing the bestselling product
  • Add a headline either on the left or middle of the picture which highlights the benefit of your product, that could be that the person looks better, feels more confident, is envied by others (which one will work best depends on who your typical customer is)
  • Then you should work on your product descriptions

Then there is still a lot of potential left, but you should focus on the main things here first


Dear Hannapopov,


Congratulation for your store. We have gone through your store and found following things need to improve.


1. Design need to improve

2. Page speed need to improve

3. Show featured products

4. Add return and shipping policies pages

5. Product page need to improve

6. Optimize your cart page.


There are other areas you need to improve


Want more tips? please contact here:


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