Only two orders have both been fraudulent...need honest feedback please

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Hi everyone,

My store ( has made two sales so far (it's been running actively for about a week) with about 30-40 people coming a day. 

We've gotten two orders. But they both turned out to be fraudulent...what are the chances? I'm really upset about this...what do I need to change?

I've never really seen big Shopify sites that sell gaming products, anyone know of any of know why there are less?

Thanks very much for your time and help!

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Hello and good morning!

I'd be happy to help in any way that I can.

Today I'll be in Manhattan for most of the day. It'll take me about an hour to sit and look at all moving parts once I'm back in my town but I'll be sure to post my feedback this evening.

Have a great day.


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Hey Zindy!

Sure, no worries! Thank you very much for your help. 

Enjoy your day!


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Hello Sunil, 

I hope that you've had a great day! Today was steamy but awesome in NYC - had great feedback and will be speaking at several places about social media platforms, etc. every other day through the end of the year. 

Ok, let's get started (this will be long): 

As a consumer, I have to say that the site is engaging and the images are FABULOUS! My boy is a Marine and my daughter in colelge so I grew up with them gaming all day/every day - still do but at a distance now. 

Love all of the products and am extremely familiar with everything game-related (even on social medial platforms - yes, I do have my favorites too). 

(I love your site!!!)

The menu is fabulous, images, description of the products, dimension, specs, returns, shipping - I can tell that you have spent a decent amount of time and $$$ on your site - it's well thought out, well laid out and easy to navigate. 

Loading the time on my mobile - slow which = (equals) POOR. Google offers a FREE tool to test your site on Mobile ( Add your website in the Google box and you'll see the scores for yourself.

It's become highly, uber-important to have a mobile optimized website because Google recently announced that they will be moving to a "mobile index" and away from a "desktop index". 

What does this mean?

It means that if your website is not optimized for mobile, you will not rank (be found) so it is imperative that your site be mobile optimized - at this time, yours is not due to speed and loading times. 

Currently, you have a 32% CUSTOMER LOSS because your loading time lags. That can be corrected - I am unable to upload reports here but if you send me an email addy, I'll provide you with everything that you need to get the work done. If you do the work yourself, you'll immediately see what needs to be done where. If you have a webmaster, they'll know what to do as well. 

Taking a look at the back end, I can determine what the SEO issues are - and there are many. I'm not sure how familiar you are with SEO (both on- and off-page) but in comparison to your top 2 competitors ( and they average 200% more SEO work done to RANK. 

What is SEO - in short, it's a holistic approach to making your site Google (and Yahoo!, etc.,) friendly. When your site is search engine friendly, it is ranked higher. The higher you rank, the more eyes are on your store. This takes TIME and effort but it's magic when it all comes together. 

There is very little SEO on-page and off-page done on your site. Please consider starting the process as there are tons of great articles on here to guide you. I can also forward a lenghty report that can be considered a road map to what you should focus on and what can stay as is. 

Since there is not much else to the site itself that we need to look, I'm going to do a mini-Social Media Audit beginning with Instagram. 

Why did you decide to have these 4 platforms and what is your strategy for each? 

What is the purpose of each one to your business? As an example, use Twitter as a Q&A space, customer service questions, etc. - it's not prudent to put the same things on each platform, the platforms have matured same with those who use them. 


You have MANY issues on IG and when I use the word 'MANY' it's not good. To begin with if you only have 2 fradulent sales with 4,555 followers then who are these followers? I've taken the time to go through enough of them to determine that a very large percentage of these followers are not in your market, not your target customers and just stand as a number with zero value to you or your business. Having these large numbers of sub-par followers will hurt your business and not ever help. 

Are you familiar with 50% of these followers?

Do you engage ANY of them? 

Did you know that some of them are in the adult business and post very open pictures? 

Aside from these followers, you're following 5,813 profiles -- are these people gamers or in this niche? If so, HOW MANY? This is crucial to your business. 

If you cannot accurately MEASURE what you're doing today, you will never be able to determine what is working, what isn't working, what to continue and focus on and what to stop and not repeat. 

Who are these followers?

WHO are the Influencers in your niche and do you follow them? 

Do you engage ANY of these people? 

IG is an engagement platform - the incorrect hashtags are being used and you have NOT responded to people who are asking you questions about the products that you are posting. Who is managing your IG page or any of your other social media platforms? 

None of these pages are being managed correctly to grow your business or convert. 

There is a tremendous amount of work to do but if there isn't a schedule, it will become incredibly overwhelming. 

What is IG for? To sell? If so, potential customers are asking you questions and you're not responding.



There are only 9 people following - why? What is Facebook for? 

There are MILLIONS of people on FB and a huge portion of them into gaming - I should know. 

What is your strategy or use of FB?

Did you know that FB wants to do what Twitch does for gamers? While they're not yet launched a monetization platform yet, I'm sure it's coming. The opportunity on FB and IG and the other social media platforms is truly endless. 



Did you know that over 60% of people who want to BUY something go to Pinterest to "run a search"? 

I see that you have boards and have pictures posted but only 5 followers. Do you really need this platform? 



This platform is the most interesting because it reminds me of a ticker - not sure if you know the term. A ticker is also a continuous line of information that you read and it just keeps going and going - like the stock market. 

Twitter is to SHARE information and tons of it. This is a platform that you should be posting at least 6 to 8xs per day, every single day and this platform just as all of the others are inconsistent and unbalanced. 

Social Media is used as a FREE advertising platform - people are looking for you items all day, every single day. 

#gaming is 12,522,557 public posts - DAILY. 

How awesome would it be to be able to REACH 12 MILLION people daily by just using this very high-volume hashtag.

YES, you have a gorgeous website - my grown children want everything - but there is a lot of background work that has yet to be started, there is a lack of a social media strategy and none of the platforms are being used to their fullest potential for exposure, growth or conversion. 

Grow with keywords, MEASURE everything that you do because if you cannot measure your statistics then you have no way of knowing what is working, what is NOT working and what to do next. 

Again, if you'd like the SEO report, please send me an email to and I'll forward that along to you. If you need help managing the work or social media, I'm availble to work with you.

I hope this provides you with some insight as to where you are today with everything that you have done. 

I'm here should you have any questions.

Thank you.


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Thank you very much for your reply Zindy! I am glad my site isn't the biggest problem, I will fix the speed of my site today.

Marketing is definitely a huge problem for us, we are putting more effort into our Twitter our Facebook, and being more careful with our Instagram strategy.

Thanks a ton! Your reply meant a lot to us!

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Sunil, happy to have been able to provide you with what you needed. 

When you're ready to work on strategies for each platform, please feel free to reach out to me. 

Be well.