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This is my store I opened the store around 1 month ago.  I used FB add - mainly engament posts but the traffic is very low. Could you please check it, all suggestions would be great. 


Thank you in advance!

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Your entire site really needs a lot of work. If you go visit your site from a desktop/laptop as a customer would see it, you can see how it doesn't have a good professional flow at all. When I visit the mobile site the load time is very slow. The size chart on the descriptions really needs to be redone. You have letters overlapping the cells and you can't see the entire chart without scrolling left to right.

Most of the fonts appear sloppy I would consider going with a cleaner, easier to read font. Your font colors are also not consistent. Some are navy in a title while others are red or black. There are also minor typos everywhere like "he" where "the" should be. The timer count down is just zero in most descriptions making it look like an error. I think you should fix your site completely or choose another layout altogether before paying for facebook ads. You don't want to waste money bringing people to a site that's not up to par. Your homepage needs to make a great first impression. A poor presentation could lose a potential customer forever. 

Anytime you make a change to your site, go to the url to view it as a customer would view it so that you can double check your work. Once you have your design down, check you SEO and tweak it accordingly to help bring organic traffic.