Opened my store two days ago.1 Sale, 800+ visits. I need help

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Here is my store ( I just opened it two days ago. I did my ads on facebook alone, with facebook pixels, advertising a video.With a budget of 105usd, I used the add to cart feature and received a total of 40 add to cart, 16 website checkout initiated,1 adds of payment info and 1 purchase.
I’m i doing something wrong with the ad? Should i retarget? or is it my website.
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Shut the store down and stop wasting money. Go and study on YouTube:

- King Comm
- Gabriel St Germain
- Ari Scherson

Come back when you have watched at least 30+ hours of their videos.

Good luck!

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A good start but some issues. You have very few products and a couple of them are totally unrelated. Either dump the unrelated products or add more product like those and create categories for those products. Also your store name does not seem related to the product. Holy Loot, not sure if this is a name of a person or Holy (like spiritual) and Loot as in money. It seems it would be confusing and not sure how this is related to the products. Good that you are getting traffic! Also pricing may be an issue, people may be aware that there is a shipping cost component, hence, why pay $8 for something where the major cost will be shipping. Lastly, if someone needs a garbage bag holder for their kitchen, it is likely something they will purchase right away and not online. What product(s) did you end up selling? The coffee mug? Best of luck! Cheers!

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From the eyes of a consumer: I don't understand why I need a garbage bag holder. You need to work on how you are selling this product because right now I see no use for it. If you could help me understand what its purpose is, or why I need it. I can help you pivot and refine your strategy if you can help with that. 


Hi There,


Your store looks great on mobile, great colors and theme, I recommend adding a one-two lines title of what and why right before our products like:

  • the amazing hand-free trash bag holder that attaches to any drawer or cabinet.
  • Imagine cooking without the mess or the stress 
  • ...

Please note that your pixel is not paired with your product catalog,

which will fail to properly track and optimize your campaigns:


It's a quick fix, You'll need to connect the pixel to your product catalog:


All the best!


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Thank you for the feedback and the advice.

have a good day