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Hello, @vivacart!


Karlie here from the Shopify Guru Team! I have some feedback for you regarding your website. My first impression of your website is that you have the bones and the structure of your storefront already, there are some changes that you can make that can help make your storefront the best it can be. 


When visitors first see your website, they see your homepage first. Although your slideshow image is quite stunning, it doesn't relate to your brand at all. By the look of your logo, brand name and products - it seems that your store is going for a more technical overtone. The slideshow image is almost the opposite of a modern, tech type of storefront. I would recommend changing that slideshow image to something that would represent your brand better. There are a few blog articles that I would recommend using as resources to help you come up with a theme for your storefront. Be sure to take a read through; Homepage design 101: What to include on the front page of your website, Customizing Your Shopify Theme: How to Use Images, Colors, and Fonts and Building a Beautiful Online Store: 15 Design Experts Share Their Tips and Advice.


I can see that you offer a wide variety of products. Without a focus on a particular genre of products, it's harder for customers to know what your brand stands for. I would recommend choosing a product niche. A niche would allow you to focus on one set of customers, it'll make things easier when it comes to marketing and branding. If you are dropshipping products, then having a niche will allow your brand to set itself out amongst other stores who dropship products. It's important to building and strengthening your brand. You can read all about how to find a niche in our article, Finding Your Niche: 8 Niche Market Examples to Inspire You.


After choosing a niche, I would recommend spending some attention looking at how your products are displayed on your storefront. Because the products you're selling have a chance of being sold by multiple merchants, it's important to set yourself out from amongst the crowd. You can look into changing some small details about your products to match your brand:

  • I would first recommend changing your product titles, some titles have long detailed names - this isn't necessary as the customer can simply click on the product to learn more. You can condense product titles so that they're easy to find for your customers. For example, the product; "Sport Armband Bag Running 6" Universal- Waterproof" could be changed to "Waterproof Sport Armband." 
  • Your product descriptions are very word heavy as well. There are unnecessary details in the description that are repetitive or simply unessential. Keeping the same example of your, Sport Armband Bag Running 6" Universal- Waterproof product - I can see that there is a long list of details that could be condensed and phrased into one product description. Keep in mind that this is where you're really selling your product. I've shortened and spruced up your current product description into one blurb that includes all of the necessary details below.

    "The Waterproof Sport Armband is the perfect dual pocket arm-band for the runner looking for more organization and convenience while on the move. With dual pockets, you have the ability to store your mobile phone in one pocket and the other could be used for cash, credit cards, keys or other small gadgets. The Waterproof Sport Armband enables you to enjoy music freely in various motions when you are exercising. With an adjustable Buckle you can adjust your arm band for maximum comfort while on the move. This durable and lightweight arm band will keep your smart phone safe and protected.

    Suitable for any phone (iPhone or Samsung) under 4-6 inches."


    Let's discuss product images. Because other merchants have access to the same stock images while dropshipping, it's important that you either customize your stock images or you take your own product images. This can really strengthen your brand and build customer to merchant trust. If you are editing your images, I would suggest keeping the same format for all of your product images for consistency. You would want your product images to be the same shape, size, resolution with the same background - white, grey or black. If you're going to have lifestyle or images with models, then I would recommend taking those photographs yourself. Check out our blog post; The Ultimate DIY Guide to Beautiful Product Photography for some great tips and advice.

When you're all ready to start selling, then you can look into how you want to market or advertise your store. We have a really great guide, here, which you can read through to figure out how you would like to run your marketing campaign. Advertising will help drive traffic to your store where you can then build a customer base and continue building your brand. 

I hope this has answered your question. If not, or if you have any further questions please let me know. I will be happy to help!


Karlie | Social Care @ Shopify 
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