Over 120 Views But No Buys

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Ive gotten over 120 views but no customers, can someone please give me a blunt and honest critique on my website. My site is www.virtualgogglesx.com

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I have checked your store. It looks nice. Below are my findings.

Design a logo for your store.

Add more info in your About us section.

Contact us is missing - which is very crusial to get the trust. Please check.

Its better to add about us, return/refund policy sections in footer of home page.

Background colour is different but its not appealing. Please check once.

Add some trust badges.

Use product reviews app to improve sales.




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"this item for 14 "

14 what? hours, weeks, years?

Always check and double check copy for errors, I still make mistakes and find them months later on products!

Also, those images look too big and blurry, I would try making them smaller and clearer.

Product page looks good although it may be useful to inform people how much shipping is before they add to cart.

Also Im guessing you are dropshipping, well I would personal reword the shipping page to say something different, I wouldnt even mention 95%, just say normally within 8 days etc

As a general rule if ever you are stuck on design or layout or wording etc, look at big sucessful sites like amazon for ideas!

good luck! 

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Guru Micah here to help!

Starting off 120 views are awesome, but the reason that there are no sales can be from multiple factors. Now a great place to start would to be evaluating where this traffic is coming from and if there interests align with your product. You want to make sure you are targeting potential customers that have the same interests as the products that you are selling or you will end up having high ad spend with minimal conversions. What I recommend is checking out our Shopify Blog page, especially the marketing posts to help get ideas of how to acquire customers interested in your product. My favourite is “50 Ways to Make Your First Sale” as this has really creative ways to help you market your products successfully.

I also noticed that other replies on this forum post bring up the recommendation of making a logo, this is a great idea as it really helps bring a professional look to your store along with helping build your brand. Feel free to checkout Hatchful, this is an awesome way to help create an incredible logo to help boost your brand while making your website more approachable!

Now with your product pages I notice that you don’t have payment icons. Another great way to build potential customers trust is by letting them know that they can checkout securely with your accepted payment methods. Trust Hero by Booster Apps is a great way to accomplish this with minimal setup requirements and the best part… It’s free! :)

Also looking into your Contact Us page I would highly recommend in looking at this guide on how to add a contact form, to help make it easier for your customers to contact you.

When on your Privacy Policy it looks like there are some sections that could take a quick reread just to make sure nothing is missed. For instance in the second paragraph it says  [[INSERT DESCRIPTIONS OF OTHER TYPES OF TRACKING TECHNOLOGIES USED]]. I would recommend going over sections of your site just to make sure nothing is missed or if any areas could use an edit.

Lastly I recommend looking into Shopify Academy, which has lots of great tools like webinars, on-demand courses and much much more to help grow your business.

Keep up the great work as your site is coming together awesome and that first sale will come in due time!

Micah Knight

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