Over a month in with traffic but little sales, please review my store

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I started my drop shipping store in late May and I have had over 2800 visitors. However with only 2 sales I am now at the point where I need feedback or suggestions on what I can improve on or change. My advertising costs are on Facebook and Google. I have also used Pinterest and Instagram. Thank you in advance for your feedback/suggestions and time :). 


Thank you

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Hey there 




1. Hero Image - Let it be only one image rather than a rotating carosuel. The viewer does not get time to think if they are interested in the product and it's gone. There are many other reasons why a rorating carousel is not the best option - See here


2. Make your main header sticky. 


3.  Connect yourself through Instagram, Linkedin and Twitter - these are the gems of e-commerce store advertising. Add those to your footer as well.


4. You must have a live chat, there is no way around it. If any viewer has any questions, they should be answered when they are on the website. This would descrese the drop rate of the website and if people's problems are solved the conversion rate increases.


5.Improve credibility by bringin in a human touch in your website. Maybe add a blog and keep publishing fresh content out once in two weeks and this will allow you to drive traffic, help in starting conversations and build credibility. 


6. Length of pages - Your homepage and product single page is long and would also be needing a scroll to top button so that the viewers can easily go up to the top of your page with just one click. Providing you with a link of an app that does this best. Scroll to top


7. Lastly, as per my opinion you will have to create some urgency and social proof (social proof - once you start getting sales) in your store. 

Social proof will help your visitors see who all has bought your products and who has added your product to their carts and that increases the trust of the viewer on your product and increases the conversions as well. 


And as for urgency - 

For example, I'm sure you've seen how amazon creates urgencies in sales by showing the number of products left, upcoming sales, or drive sales by showing how quickly they have to order an item to get quick delivery, right down to the minute. 


If you want to sell more, boosting the sense of urgency in your marketing is the way to go. Making people feel as if they’re about to miss out on or lose a great opportunity is a powerful way to drive conversions.


One parting tip: like many other techniques, the urgency is best used in moderation. Don’t try to put pressure on your potential customers all the time, or they’ll stop taking your offers seriously. 

Instead, focus on periodically offering great deals that really are limited.


I sincerely hope my insights will be of help to you. Do let me know if you have any more questions.

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Hello @Becca6 ,

I just had a look at your store, your store looks great. I have a few suggestions for you hope they might help you.


  • Add a live chat option, so that if a customer has any questions they can easily approach you.
  • Add more products so that your customers will have a lot of options to select from.
  • Try adding SEO related high search keywords in your title and product description so that it will be very easy to market your products and display them at the top in google search.
  • Try adding some sale offers to your products to attract customers.
  • Add a blog page, blog page helps you to share more about your website and products which increases your site visibility.



I hope our feedback helps you.




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Hey @Becca6  The Apostolic Beauty, welcome to the Shopify family!

Hope you're thriving through this CoVid crisis. You have a really pretty collection of dresses there.

After taking a look at your website, I would like to point out a couple of feedbacks

1. You really have a pretty logo you can increase the size of the logo the current header section looks too broad and the logo size can be increased by increasing the logo size logo becomes more attractive and there are very high chances of people memorizing the brand if they find the logo attractive.
2. I think the addition of video to a landing page increases conversations by 80%. evaluate your competitor’s websites after browsing through a few of their websites, compare your findings to your own site.
3. The images on the category page aren't of the same size place the images according to a fixed standard aspect ratio.  Branded video content is likely to take over consumers are 300% most likely to watch a video about a product rather than read a description
4. Bigger images in your catalouge view product list with bigger images and hidden description can increase sales and will add brand value to your products. Ensure every image has other 3-4 images with different angles which will help the customer to get a detailed view of your gallery with this you can also add a product zoom in to fill the browser window.
5. Engaging the audience by writing a blog with attractive titles and posting it on different social media platforms will create an impression that you are the most knowledgeable one and will look up to you for further knowledge.
6. Product badges are a great way to highlight specific products in your store so they stand out. Getting your customers to take notice of the best product offerings and promotions means your sales campaigns should be even more successful. You can even combine product badges with proven marketing techniques such as scarcity and social proof and your products should sell even faster.
(Attaching one of your product image as a reference)

I hope this helps!


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Thank you for taking time to help me and your suggestions are very helpful. I agree that more products and a blog can help. Again thank you for your help!

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Thank you for your advice and suggestions. I will definitely apply them and feel they will help me boost sales. Thank you for your time!