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Hi guys, I  am Italian, and launching my store in a few days I would love to get some feedback and opinions from you. If you have some time just check it out and let me know what you think. I am opened to all criticism. Thanks in advance for your time :) 

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Hey, there!


Karlie here from the Shopify Guru Team! That's so exciting that you're getting ready to launch your store! I was happy to take a look through your shop to see what suggestions and feedback I could offer you and I can tell you at first glance your store looks fantastic. You're off to a great start here. My first impression was that this store looked professional, drew the right attention and I found myself excited to see more of your homepage. 


The first suggestion I have would be to look into your slideshow images and graphics. I found that the images take a few seconds to load. The images show up blurry when you first visit the website and eventually clear up. This could be something that you could speak to your theme developer about to see if it can be fixed. Sometimes toning down the resolution of an image would do the trick as well!


I thought the second half of your homepage was a little incohesive with your brand and the top half of your homepage. To fix this I would recommend taking the same font type or the same hints of colour from the top half of your page down to the bottom of your page to your buttons and footer. The reddish colour that you have showing here would be nice as your primary button colour or contrasting colour in your footer. 


Your product pages look very professional and clear. Your product images are consistent with the same solid background and style, but I do think that your product descriptions could use some attention. For example, your product ‘Kitchen accessories bottle opener and containers’ does have some great key points about the product in the product description. But it would be nice to see a little description blurb that would not only be informative for customers, but also to let them know why they need that product and how it can be used. An example for your product description for your ‘‘Kitchen accessories bottle opener and containers’ product could look something like this!


There are a few aspects of your website that I think could use some attention. The aspects that I had noticed right away were your ‘Contact Us’ page, FAQ page and ‘About Us’ page. These pages are important for different reasons. It’s very important that your customers have a way to contact you and inquire - this not only makes the customer feel more secure about buying your product, but it is also a way to build merchant to customer trust. You can easily create a ‘Contact Us’ page by enabling a contact form from your Shopify Admin. This guide will help walk you through each step to adding in your contact form.


Having a FAQ page gives your customer the information they need to make a decision about purchasing your product. Check out this guide to read more about FAQ pages and their importance. 


An ‘About Us’ page really tells your customers who you are as a brand, how you came to be and can help the customer relate to you as a merchant. We have a really great blog posts about ‘About Us’ pages and how to get started on writing your page, here.


You can easily create pages to add to your navigation bar from your Shopify Admin by following these few steps:

  • Once logged into your Shopify Admin, click on Online Store and then Pages.
  • You will want to select, ‘Add Page’ which will take you to the page editor.
  • If you're wanting to customize your adjust your pages, you can take a bigger look at the whole process in our handy help guide.


I hope this helps, but if you have any further questions - be sure to ask and I would be happy to help!


*Karlie* | Social Care @ Shopify
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