PLease check out my store!! Not seeing alot of traffic

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hello ive had my store since April and havent gotten one single online order. Can you help me?? Is there something wrong with the site? I have made all my sale in person only. Im spending money on instagram facebook ads and seeing no results. Please help

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Hi there, 

Nick here from Shopify. 

Great work on your store so far. I like the look of what you have done and it really shows you've put a lot of work into it. There were a couple of things I did notice which you could add/ improve. I also noticed your website is not on Shopify, so I'm not sure the Shopify help documents will be much use as they are made for Shopify stores only. Hopefully, you can still get some value though. 

  • I noticed there was no Favicon on your browser tab. This is something I would definitely recommend as people recognize it instantly and makes your store presence much more professional. 
  •  Organic Instagram engagement is something else I would recommend. You mentioned you did some paid ads with Instagram, but organic engagement is a great way to find the audience that best resonates with you. A top Shopify Expert recently did an interview on their podcast with a store owner who implemented organic engagement on Instagram very effectively that you can listen to here
  • You also mentioned you did some Facebook advertising. Normally if you do Facebook advertising and it's not working, you are generally not targeting the ads at the right people. There is a great technique to help you fix this called the 3x3x3 method. It starts out by creating 3 different ads for 3 different audiences with 3 different sets of copy/ images with a small but similar budget for each. After some time, you'll see some of the ads performing better than others and you can begin to drop off the ads which aren't working as well and increase the budget on the ones which are to reach your key audiences. There are some great guides online about this one of which you can find here

Hope these help with some next steps. If you are curious about anything else regarding Shopify, please don't to ask or reach out to our support team directly from the link here

All the best, Nick

Nick | Community Moderator @ Shopify
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Hi There,

I really liked your store design, it looks as you put effort in buildilng it.

It might be that you're not advertising enough or not doing that correctly. I think generating relevant traffic is the number ONE problem of every new Ecommerce store. It's quite a complex mission to create good advertising campaigns on Google and Facebook, if you're not familiar enough with the options available or the relevant audinece for your store.

You might want to try AdScale to help you with your advertising campaigns. It's a Shopify app that automatically creates and manage advertising campaigns for your store, using advanced AI technology.

What's unique about this app is that it use insights from milions of active campaigns in order to create a very accurate audience targeting that is tailored to your store and products.

You can learn more about it in this link:

Hope it helps!

Smart advertising campaigns across Google and Facebook, using advanced AI technology.