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Hi! Our pet business has been up and running for a while now and we have yet to make one sale. We have ran several ads through Facebook and Instagram and we have had hundreds of site visits, but sadly no sales ?. 

We are looking for advice on whether to keep paying for ads to bring traffic or if there another advertising solution we are missing. 

We have had several people from Fiverr work on our site to make it user friendly but we are looking at an honest feedback and not from us who probably haves biased opinions. Any assistance is greatly appreciated! ??

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Hi There,

I just checked your store. It is nice and good to go on sale. But I can't find any information about you? Where are you? What is your email address? You can put more your information to contact us page. It will increase your customer trust. For me, I love pet (dog), I think you can try to build a blog with some video about your product in the real world, make that video is funny with your item and your pet.

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Hey there! So here are my tips. It might not weigh much because my business is new too but I get few sales here and there and most of my sales come from placing my products on places where people are ready to buy. Try selling on eBay, Google, and Amazon. Have discount and promotions too! People love incentives. Another tip would be to get with an Instagram influencer who has a huge following of dog lovers. If you find a instagramer who has a 250k + followers with great engagement, see how much they will charge for a shout out. This is another form of advertising. I suggest giving away a specific discount just for the followers of that influencer that ends in a time that will make people hurry to buy for that incentive. Another tip is to categorize. I saw your site on my phone and when I clicked products I got all products. Make it easy for people to find specific items. Under products should be categories so people don't get lost scrolling through all of your products when they're interested in one thing. Shoppers can be lazy and impatient. My last tip is to get  knowledgeable of SEO. Get  your name on google. When I Google your business name it doesn't show. This is ok. I am currently working with a company to fix this and since you invest in fivver you can see if someone can get your business name on Google as well. Like I said people are lazy and when shopping for dog accessories you need to be first that they see. Most of my sales don't come from Facebook and Instagram ads. Try things outside the box. Good luck! 

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