Please Give Me Feedback and Improvement Tips On My Store

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Hey guys,


I'm currently a bit frustrated because I didn't do any sells so far after putting in some advertisements.


Can you guys please help me improve my store and give me some feedback what to enhance ????


The link is:


How would you judge colors and the niche ???



Thank You so much !!!!





Hi @Fitschgo 


I don't know about using the red on the site. Might be to much. 


Overall there is a lot of things that could improve but really maybe the product is turning half the people off. Its a pretty sensitive topic at the moment. 



Clayton Bates 

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Hi there! Maggie, Shopify Expert here :) 


Not all traffic is equal - just because someone clicks to your website from Facebook or Google doesn't mean they will buy - or that they will buy right away. Make sure to get clicks in terms of building awareness for your brand, but then focus on converting those who clicked and viewed your product into buyers. You do it through retargeting ads and email marketing.


Here's a detailed guide on how to design a winning PPC ad funnel:


When it comes to your website look and feel, I also have few recommendations. 

Consider optimizing the hero image - display one of your products here that will help your visitors understand right away what you are selling and add a short tagline [3-4 words] describing the product in the picture in more detail - this way the visitors will know right away what the product is:


Screen Shot 2020-04-20 at 08.11.05.png



Make sure to add a CTA [Shop Now!] text or a button in the image and link it with a relevant collection or a product. This way you’ll invite people to browse your collections, improve the time they spend on your website [important for SEO] and reduce the bounce rate.


Also, your above the fold area is too big - make sure to optimize the logo and header area, otherwise they take a lot of valuable space, pushing the rest of the website down the page and out of view:


Screen Shot 2020-04-20 at 08.12.31.png



The ‘above the fold’ area [visible on the screen without scrolling down] is the most crucial for the conversion rate. The best converting websites display all the key info above the fold, to reduce the need for people to do any scrolling on the page and complete the checkout with as little fuss as possible. Aim to reduce the header area - and logo size - to display as much website content as possible above the fold.


Newsletter sign up box - the black text is difficult to read against red background:


Screen Shot 2020-04-20 at 08.13.07.png


Consider switching to a different font color [i.e. white] to make it easier to read. Otherwise, it might affect your SEO, as Google treats any elements that are not accessible to all users [visually impaired] as being not user friendly, which will knock off any ranking points.

Social media icons - make sure to open the icons in new tabs, so you don’t lose the valuable traffic. Please see how to do it in this helpful guide:



Here are a few guides that might help:



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