Please I need feedback on my shopify store

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I would work on developing a brand persona / messaging and find a way to connect emotionally with customers.


"competitive prices and quality products" is something most online sites could claim, but it doesn't really mean anything other than generic phrasing.

I like "top rated customer services", I would link to the reviews page or awards, etc wherever you're rated. Social proof helps build trust in your brand.


Consider offering an incentive to join your email list. In the footer it says get updates and access to exclusive deals. You'll get a lot more signups if you provide value there (you could do something like "sign up to our list to get 10% off your first order").


I would keep your most important links in the header (move Privacy down to the footer). Consider your goals on every page, is one of your goals to get people to click and read the privacy policy? If yes, it belongs in the header, if not it belongs in the footer.


To start ranking better with SEO and increase your organic traffic, create keyword rich title tags. For example this page: has title of "Lips - Noema Beauty". Think of it from a search engine's perspective, it knows what's on the page by the signals. Should it serve up this page to people searching for pictures of lips, lip products, lips health tips, etc?


I don't know this niche well, but an example of a more keyword dense title would be something like "Buy women's lipstick lip liner and lipgloss | [then maybe something unique or reason to buy]"


Title tag is the most important on-page spot for keywords, so I'd focus on dialing those in first.

I use to do keyword research, you can plug in keywords in your niche to see search volume, get keyword ideas, etc. 


One last thought to ponder, ask the question "why should people buy something from my site instead of". That will help you build stronger branding and get the mindset for thinking of things that you can do to be unique and connect with customers.

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