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Hi all,


I'm new to the e-commerce game, but I've just built my first dropsurf website, and would love some feedback on the UX, range of products and general commentary on the page. The address is below. Any and all feedback is greatly welcome! Any tips on additional apps to include with the site would be really appreciated too.

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Hey, Amadou . 

This is Dallas from the Social Care Team. I would be more than happy to help you give you some feedback on your store. 

I took a look at the link that you gave (thank you for adding that).

I think that it is great that you have an About Us page as well as a Contact Us page on your header & footer. It is also really good that you have a Return Policy in your footer as well, this really helps to make your site seem more authentic for your customers.

I think it is great that you have your site categories organized in the main menu, however, I would recommend adding a little bit more to the home page. When I first enter your site I see an image of some sunglasses, but just below it, there is a female outfit, a watch, and a back brace. These are all fine products, but I think it would be good if you gave your customers a bit of clarification as to what it is that your store is all about to avoid confusion. 

It is great that you have a logo for your site, but I would suggest that you increase the pixel size a bit so that the entire logo is readable. 

Once you adjust those things then the general look of your store will be pretty good. 

Another wonderful thing that you have done is how you have added a customized product descriptions for each item. Just make sure that you check that there are no extra spaces between words. This will help boot site trust and authenticity. 


Now that your site is in tip-top shape you are going to want to drive more traffic to your store and increase the conversion rate from those new visitors. 

Some great blogs to read that can help you with this are 5 High Impact Strategies to Gaining More Traffic and The Beginners Guide to Conversion Rate Optimization.

A huge make or break for an online store is how well your SEO is set up. Doing things like making sure that each page has a header and only one header (not using the H1 font size in a product description), and that each product has a solid search engine listing will help to make your site appear higher in the search engine ranks. Note: For your SE Listing it is best to have a bit of text that is different from your product description. I know this can take some creativity and time, but honest and truly it will help in the long run. I always recommend going through all of the "Beginners guide to.." blogs, but in this case, I also recommend reading this one as well. It is in a checklist format so it will go into greater detail for each step.

Something that you may want to look into to help market your site and to increase the traffic is to really work on your social media profiles. For what you are selling you will want to look into Facebook and Instagram more specifically. Just make sure that all your posts are not just of what you are selling and that you add some other content to contribute to the feel/mood of your social media page. This wonderful blog post gives 20 ideas of what to post. 

You may also want to look into affiliate marketing. This is where you partner up with people who are doing well on social media and who match the vibe and look of your store. They would get discounts on your products or may make cash back from referrals, but they will, in turn, post your products on their social media. Not only does this help to automate your marketing, but it also allows your product to reach a wider audience and helps your brand to gain trust amongst these new potential customers. This guide here should help to explain more what the affiliate programs are about and this one here should help you find fitting influencers. 

I hope this was some helpful feedback on your store. If you have any other questions at all please don't hesitate to reach out again. Our support is here 24/7 and we would love to help!


Dallas | Social Care @ Shopify
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Hi there friend! Congrats on getting your site up and running :D

Here are a few initial impressions based on my "just a person happening upon your website" feedback.

1. Your logo is hard to read (the text under the logo image is hardly legible) and doesn't quite tell me about your product or why your product is different from any other product. To be blunt, it reminds me of the Twizzlers mouth ;) 

2. Are you a sunglesses retailer? Based on your banner image I would assume so. I might suggest finding something that helps a newcomer like me understand at first-glance what you're selling, and why you're different from the billion other sellers. Green products? That's important, but I don't see anything about it. What is your niche? 

3. While the site works for selling (Shopify FTW!) I am not feeling the design direction. I am not entirely sure what you're selling at first glance. Are these rare finds? Items you created? Items only found in a certain part of the world? Are they just for men? Who is your audience?  Garage sale treasures? Tell me a story, hook me into the journey! 

4. If you're selling products that could easliy be found elsewhere (ebay w/ free shipping, amazon, etc.) why should I buy from your website? Hook me! Give me a discount, a reason to act now! Etc ;) 


Best of luck my Shopify buddy! 

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I agree with Dallas suggestions. ?? 


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I just had look into your store, Its Looking Not bad but Not good. You can improve your store design.

I observed one of the item have gallery images sizes are not in manner, its looking dull. You can add it proper way.
And you don't have Facebook page and Instagram ? What you show the social media icons that pages are not available, check it.