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Hi everyone,


I know you are very busy working on your business and I respect that. I just need some of you to give feedback about my store. The store link is , an online shop where bacpacks are to be sold. I also will add other products in the future.Please feel free to give a serious feedback.Thank you all and much more success to you. 

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Hi there! Maggie, Shopify Expert here :)


Congratulations on a brand new store - it's a great niche. The homepage looks really sleek and professional. Consider working on stronger branding. The logo and the homepage design look like they would appeal to a professional, however, the Men's backpacks collection looks like it would appeal to backpackers.


Make sure to decide from the beginning which client type you'd like to target, as that will predetermine everything later on: the choice of the promo images [someone hiking or commuting?], product descriptions info [backpack will hold a bottle and underwear or laptop and documents?] and marketing. If you confuse the two audiences and send mixed signals you won't appeal to any of these customers and will be losing sales. Hope it helps!


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Hi, I took a look at your store. You have really nice backpacks on there. I love the logo and how the website is an easy flow. Great job!