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Hello everyone, I have been working on my new website and branding for the last past month or so. Here is my site My goal was to make it very visually engaging and connecting the emotional side of people with their pets.  I am still working on making details with collections and products which I can find a bit difficult sometimes. But please tell me what you think about it.  I would like to see what you all thing about the name as well. 


I would love to receive constructive feedback for the overall look and functionality of my website, product page and how can I improve my visibility on Search Engines.

I would appreciate detailed feedback and if possible solutions to any problems that you find on my website. 



Thank you team! 

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I observed few points on your website, I hope those are helpful for your website.

-> You can use open new tab on the links on the footer section and items on grid page, then customers are spent more time on your store.
->You can add the item reviews under product page, Item reviews can help give customers that additional propel they have to confide in your online shop and finish their buy. I would suggest including item reviews too, as reviews for customers to share their positive experience thus different customers can see the reviews and be influenced to purchase.
-> You can add trust badges on your cart page. It checks to visitors that a site is genuine. Information is gathered by the outsider trust seal organization that affirms that the business is valid.
-> You can add your website social media links under social media icons.


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Hi @Edward7freedom 

4. Lastly, I saw that you have been trying some product labels and stickers on your product images. I would recommend you to have a look at product labels and stickers from ModeMagic, that will help you attract more customers by communicating to them your messages such as sale,discounts,customer favorites,coming soon etc. on product images itself.  You also have an option for making your own stickers using "Make Custom Sticker".

Hope this helps!!





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Hey @Edward7freedom

Right now I can only point out things I see, but it literally could be anything and it doesn't necessarily have to be with the design of your website.

In fact, I quite like your website. It seems fast, the items are organized well. I went through the purchase steps, without buying anything and it works well. I did notice a few improvements thought. First, make sure the header and any expanding menus are not see through. Sometimes it's hard to see what the text is if there is page content behind it. I would also vertically center the header items with the logo on the left. I agree with the others to add a reviews section for products. This will help build trust and gain customer confidence. You can also try taking more custom photos rather than keeping the supplier ones.

My advice is to start tracking your data and then make the changes and see if it impacts your metrics. You need to look at it from different perspectives not just conversion rate, but bounce rate, time on page, cart abandonment rate, and product detail view rate at the minimum to understand what can be improved. We could look at where the traffic comes from and why.

If you would like, I can provide a free analytics consultation which involves:

  • taking a deep dive into your data: look at where your traffic comes from, what they do on site, why they might be dropping off
  • identifying metrics that and areas that could cause issue
  • working together to see what we can improve to bring up that conversion rate
  • at the end of the day you know your market the best, but I can help to provide key insights and a second opinion on what could be improved

If you are interested in working with me and getting some consultation just send me your email in a private message and we can work together more efficiently via email. 

If you have any questions, I'm open to being fully transparent. I'm really just looking for some positive reviews for my app.


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You have an ok store but it needs some work in a lot of the small details kinds way.

Product Page  Feedback

      1. You have collection pages that don't load images for me.

      2. Add links to your shipping and return/refund policy on each product page

      3. Make sure each product has 3 - 5 images as that will help someone decide if they want to purchase. A lot of products I saw only had 1 or 2 images

      4. Add a product description as this is how you convince someone to buy on your site. Plus it helps with SEO and ranking in organic search

      5. Make sure all your product images are the same size and dimensions and the same style/brand. This is going to help tie your site together

      6. The biggest area is working on improving all your product images. 

Your store just needs some tweaks to take it up a level.  Hope you found this helpful, if so please click "like" below to let me know. You can also accept this post as a "Accepted Solutions" if you found it extra helpful! Good luck.

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