Please give feedback...Nothings working for me

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Im trying everything and not getting any sales and barely any visits... Can someone at least give feedback on my site for me? Apparently its not attractive to people.


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We donate a portion of our profits to charity organizations that protect and preserve the ocean, shores, and wildlife. 

How much of your proceeds go to these causes? If it's significant you might want to mention that and where exactly it goes. Get permission from these organizations to link to them and likewise back to you could assist your Google ranking for showing up on searches.

Your blogs are a good start, you need more, diversifying them and finding causes that people will link to you is the key.

Do you organize events around preserving the shores? Clean up days and such could be good blogging material and get talked about locally.

We're are just starting out ourselves, traffic is starting to pick up and some sales are trickling in. Being listed on searches is tough, you just got to keep creating content and work out some strong SEO or pay for some listing if you can afford it. Ultimately you need to be offering something people want or want to support, let them know what you're doing with their proceeds.

Otherwise looks nice, could use some work on the about us story section.. little drab. spruce up the formatting and maybe a picture there? 

Wish you luck!

If you get the chance would appreciate return comments! =^-^= ~Lingerie for people of all genders.
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Hi you should try they will guide you how too start making sales. Good luck!!!! 

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Yes, link up to organizations that you donate to. You have great potential here.

Also remember, need to have designs sexy for women to wear. They sell stuff with just them walking the beaches. Make sure to have google adwords campaigns as well. 

Organizations that help in coastal preservation will also be willing to advertise to their membership about your product as it will be a give and take relationship.

Also, when selling apparel or clothing, be sure to market it as a life style. The skater look came about as a result of an iconic lifestyle. You need a hook and right now you need to identify your gear with a lifestyle.

YouTube channel is even an option. carefully selected models can wear your gear showing the Brand and "lifestyle."

You are in one of the best States when it comes to promoting clothing and apparel.


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Hi there

few suggestions here

You have nice products but depending on the weather  across the world you need to target the audience from countries

Also the Logo, can you add some colour ...make the 'O' as yellow like the sun

The banner, too large and its may put off people at first glance, try to take a screenshot of the featured products and make a banner of it. I like the banner with the group of people but the text on the others too large and blue.

People first visit to see your products and services, so let it be on the top most, all social links can stay at the end.  Discount you may want to show as an image or coupon but add some colour if its plain txt.

Hope this helps